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Today, I accidentally walked in on my sister shaving, naked. I don't know what's worse, the fact I've now seen her nude, or that she looks ten times better than any girl I've ever slept with. FML
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must resist making the obvious Alabama joke.

The worst part is that you compared your sister to your previous sexual partners...


must resist making the obvious Alabama joke.

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Lynyrd Skynyrd would be proud

Well... If you can't keep it in your pants, keep it in the family ...(:

Incest is the best when you put your sister to the test!

I was gonna make it anyway. New NBA team names •New York Noscopers •Call Of Duty Campers •Grumpy Trumps •Minnesota Minions •Alabama Sister-Cousins •Denver Diddlers •Los Angeles Lakers (wait) •Virginia Vine Stars •Florida Fedoras (or Flodoras) •Anchorage No-Shows •Boopdawoopshoopdaboops •London Gobstoppers? (Question is part of the name) •Boston Battletoads •Green Bay Slackers

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I'm from Alabama, and get very tired of this stereo type... Seriously it's Mississippi that does that... Rain on their incestual parade

I'm glad that I'm not the only one who thought the same thing... ?

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I'm from Mississippi and I get tired of that "shit" it does actually offend people you know?

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You need to bleach your brain immediately!

Something tells me he wouldn't bleach it even if he could...

What he really needs to do is raise his standards, if this really botheres him.

Yeah #2 is right what ur thinking is borderline ****** up.

hopefully he just thinks is sister is gorgeous without being attracted by her. that's possible, right?

What do you mean "why"? Is incest socially acceptable where you come from?

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#117 if any children are a product of incest then they can have serious genetic defects and disabilities. Concent is important yes, but it doesn't make the act right

indeed, but the defect rate is suprisingly low actually. 25% at direct blood relatives like parents and children. It then halves for every blood extention: 12.5% between siblings, 6.25% between cousins, etc. Apart from social boundaries, this was the only real problem i could find.

Don't know about you, but a 12.5% chance of a serious genetic defect sounds pretty high to me. And I'm assuming this is if it's only the first generation to interbreed.

rockbandaddict85 22

you seem to have put a lot of thought and research into this particular matter no_dice...coming across quite creepy...o_o

yeah, thought about it a few years when why it was less okay made no sense to me

#136: yeah, the odds are still pretty high, and sure pretty much nobody would do it in direct blood relations, #132 but in-family relationships are quite legal and real in some parts of the world and no i dont necessarily mean third world countries. Looks of scorn are generally avoided if the relation is far enough like 2nd cousins.

my point is, incestuous relationships, while less okay than relationships between unrelated individuals, is still okay in society by my vote.

to be technical, that percentage figure is for reinforcing a deleterious allele - if it's there in the first place. Whilst our reduced cull rate has probably reduced the clearance rate of such traits, they're not that common. Point about the genetic risk in incest is that a close relative is likely to share genes, and so reinforcement is more likely than for an unrelated person.

This is why you lock doors and why you should knock on the door before opening it.

For the first part, tell that to her.

The worst part is that you compared your sister to your previous sexual partners...

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Sad thing some people out there would be happy doing this. Enter the incest mode NOT.

CallMeWindSock 24

Not really. That mental process takes barely any time at all. Human instinct forces us to compare and contrast anything and everything. All his brain did was identify a naked woman and compare the aesthetic appeal of that woman to that of every other woman he has seen naked. OP never said that he would rather have sex with his sister than another woman.

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So realizing that a girl is beautiful means you want to have sex with her? Do you not have a beautiful sister? Beautiful cousins? I know my sister is drop dead gorgeous, my brother is extremely handsome, too. Acknowledging that someone is physically beautiful does NOT mean you want to sleep with them. And realizing you can't manage to get a partner as physically beautiful does not mean "Well guess I can just end the search and nail my sister."

Finding siblings characteristics attractive is not unusual, and they're right there, too. That'said why the taboo against incest is so strong.

Dude... Just the fact that you're comparing your sister and.... *speechless*

Maybe his previous sexual partners were just stupendously ugly and his sister is stupendously hot, so that even he, being her brother, cannot deny the extreme disparity.

It's not that weird. My sister is hot. Probably hotter than anyone I've had sex with. No I don't plan on sleeping with her. op isn't creepy, you're just oversensitive.

LalapaloozaChick 14

the first step is admittance. next time skip the first step.

So straight to step two than? The actual sex and incest? maybe just skip every step next time and don't evaluate your sisters nude body.

Guys, chill. Just because she's his sister doesn't mean he's not allowed to make an objective observation. Being aware of someone's attractive qualities does not necessarily mean you want to jump into bed with them. And judging by his reaction to seeing her nude, I think OP would be repulsed by the idea.

Very true just because he made an observation dosent mean that he is "borderline messed up"

No, but when it's the first thing that comes to mind, it's just a little concerning. And gross. Really gross.

22 - Concerning, how exactly? I would think the obvious first thing to notice when you walk in on a naked person is what they look like, whether you want to or not. As for gross, I think OP would agree with you. That's half the point of the FML.

rldostie 19

I agree. Making an observation doesn't mean you want to sleep with someone. That's like noticing a sibling has an eight pack and realizing you've never been able to hook up with someone who has an eight pack. It can be misconstrued as creepy, or it can be a realization that your sibling is objectively good looking and you are less so (there as why your pool of hook ups are less good looking). It can be more of a "woe is me" moment than an incest moment.

It's concerning because it's implied that op thinks his sister is sexually attractive, even more so than people that he's actually slept with. How the **** is that not concerning?

34 - The fact that he can identify an attractive-looking female body is not a cause for concern. The other half of the FML is not the fact that he's now subconsciously attracted to his sister. It's the fact that the one person he definitely is NOT attracted to is the one who is objectively speaking the most attractive. I'm not sure why everyone is having such a hard time grasping this.

andrmac 25

Maybe he has just slept with ugly Betty's.

Well, I guess that's another perspective, i'll retract my earlier comment. I still think it's a little weird though, haha.

I agree. I'm glad I wasn't the only one thinking that. He was just saying his sister has an attractive body; not that he's attracted to her.

34- I'm sure you've looked at a person in a bathing suit before and have thought they are very attractive. That doesn't mean you want to jump in bed with them, it's just a natural human thing to look at the attractiveness of another person.

Well yeah. You look at them. You observe them. But you don't compare your sister to your latest sex partners.

I totally agree with DraconicFeline. I hadn't seen much of my little brother for years (I'm 8 years older than him and left home when he was till a kid). He was always quite short and scrawny and puberty hit quite late for him. In a couple of years he went from shortest to one of the tallest in his class and he started playing sports actively. I once walked in on him in his boxers and for a second could not recognize that pack of muscles as my "baby" brother. I remember thinking "wow, what an amazing body". That did not mean that I had any weird non-sisterly feeling for him.

I agree, 10. I actually think it's the people reading too much into this who are perverts. Just because you can tell a family member is beautiful or handsome doesn't mean you're attracted to them. If that were the case, my parents would have been committing child abuse from the time I was born simply because they called me "beautiful."

I'm convinced by all your replies. There really isn't that much going on... I mean, my sister is pretty too, but that doesn't mean I'm an incester

Op never said anything about him doing anything sexual. It's not incest.