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Today, I dyed my hair back to pastel pink, which it hasn't been in over a year. It goes well with my skin and I was super excited about it so I decided to Snapchat my friend about it. Her response? "You were thinner last time your hair looked like that." FML
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sonasonic 34

"Good thing I can lose weight, but you can't lose that shitty attitude."

Don't worry OP, I'm sure you still look great!


I don't know. I've never seen someone with pink hair that doesn't look absolutely ridiculous.

Pink hair looks beautiful, and I'm not too big of fan of pink. Youtubers Markiplier and LDShadowLady come to mind as examples, they look(ed) awesome

You know, there's a difference between expressing an opinion and giving an order. Guess which one I was doing?

23, didn't you know? You're only allowed to express an opinion when it's a popular one. It's 2016

I think most women get a bit ratty when they realise they can't make any comment online about their style choices without a (usually) man heroically stepping in and saying whether it means they would shag them or not, as if they were answering a secret question the woman was asking.

#34 The thing is that when you make a comment about your style choice (or hell, pretty much anything) online, then people are going to respond with their own opinions. Given that no one is under any obligation to validate other people's life choices, then you should probably refrain from making said comments in the first place if negative opinions ruffle your feathers that badly (or find one of those "safe spaces" that are all the rage on Tumblr). Also, while I admit that I've only skimmed the rest of the comments thus far, I've not seen a single person state whether or not they'd like to pork OP and her pink hair, so I can only assume you're conflating that with simply having an opinion.

On tumblr I don't get to tell people that comments they think are innocuous are actually kind of adding to a whole vibe of 'how dare you look this way without seeking my opinion first' (or maybe I do? I haven't been on Tumblr before). Personally I like a bit of feather ruffling.

I meant "you" in general, not you personally.

It may be true that no one is under any obligation to validate someone else's life choices, but it's also true that no one is under any obligation to comment on said life choices. You knew it wasn't kind, so why did you even bother saying it?

"Yeah, well I can lose weight. Too bad for you your face is stuck like that."

tantanpanda 26

Care to explain the second part? It made no sense whatsoever since we don't even have a clue what the friend looks like.

#45: It's a put-down to her friend stating that's she's forever ugly. I've said the same, but usually in jest.

#45 (cont.): But that OP can always get skinnier/ better-looking simply by losing weight.

Doesn't madder about out word as much as inword

Taco The Dank 27

I'd like to say I'm fairly decent at deciphering languages like this one, but this? I'm at a loss here.

"your appearance doesnt mean aa much as your personality"

#43: OP's remark is a put-down to her e-friend stating that OP can always look better by losing weight, but that her "e-friend" will forever be ugly. There's also that old rule of etiquette that states: if you can't say something nice about somebody, then don't say anything at all."

Good thing you didn't show her the split pajama bottoms you were wearing.

sonasonic 34

"Good thing I can lose weight, but you can't lose that shitty attitude."

But attitudes can and often do change over time (and a lot more easily than losing weight, I might add).

Um, an attitude can be dropped in a split second...not so much with weight. How did you get so many upvotes with that trainwreck of a reply?

"Not as thin" doesn't mean bad or fat, if you're fat you should go to a gym, but if you're under 12% body fat you should be fine.

shanew422 0

That statement is quite possibly the most ignorant statement I've seen. Seeing how females require more fat percentage and a female at 12% body fat is equivalent to a male at 3%. Learn the facts before you try to sound like a gym rat.

awildwhisper 30

You're a very touchy person I've noticed.

Because it's nice to be told what to do by strangers on the Internet with no indication of your health? Especially if they don't know what they're talking about?

Unbeknownst to you, she has a rare mental condition similar to OCD that impels her to state all associations she makes with somebody's appearance. Poor thing had to bite her lip to keep from telling you the last time you wore your outfit was a Tuesday, a prime number, and had 40% humidity.

OCD is not a disorder to make fun of. I'd know, I've suffered from it for years.

And you didn't try hard enough to spell his name ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Don't worry OP, I'm sure you still look great!

That sucks. My advice is to hit the gym and eat healthier, but don't overdo it.

Then she isn't a friend! You'd probably be much happier dropping her. Pastel pink hair sounds beautiful, and even if you had gained weight it wouldn't automatically mean you were overweight. Drop the asshole friend and rock pink hair

derpina72 23

I agree with #16, drop this "friend", no real friend says stuff like that unless you were just joking around (sometimes my bestfriend and I playfully talk shit? Guess that's 12 years of friendship for ya.) Anyways, if you guys had a relationship like that, I'm sure this wouldn't be a FML. Soooo yeah, cut the bad fruit OP, you won't regret it.

It's not necessarily an insult though, some people's weights just fluctuate like that. 'Less thin' doesn't automatically mean 'omg quick run to the gym crying hysterically', it could even mean she looks more healthy, maybe she wasn't eating well or was overly stressed before.

Is this the same friend that's dating her brother?

I admit I misunderstood the post. I thought her friend was saying she was overweight now. I wasn't trying to be rude. My sincerest apologies

#48: Her on-line "friend" IS telling OP that she's fat. OP's reply that she can always lose the weight, but that her friend is forever ugly is a good put-down. I've used it too, but only in jest w/ long-term friends and even the company president! lol

Then why was my comment downvoted? To me, it seemed like OP had gained a bit of weight in the past year and the friend rudely pointed it out. There are ways to point it out and she did it incorrectly.