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Today, I got a text from someone I met last night at a bar. We texted all day and planned to meet up later. The whole time I had in my mind who he was, but when we met up it was someone completely different that I didn't remember. I had to sit through the whole date pretending I knew him. FML
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Uhh no. You don't know the full story so don't jump to conclusions. I live in a tiny mountain town, and the guy I gave my number to I had seen many times before. The guy that I was actually texting, however is someone random that I didn't know and didn't give my number to. I did, however, have fun once I got past the initial shock. It has NOTHING to do with looks. If you make me laugh and are an intelligent gentleman, then I like you.

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The fact that you can't differentiate between a coma and a comma is also misguiding!

If you liked him well enough to text him all day, I think you should give him a chance.


If you liked him well enough to text him all day, I think you should give him a chance.

Exactly, hell he might be better than the guy you were originally thinking about :p

Well, when you talk to someone thinking you know who they are, you put their personality to whatever they're saying. Going back and reading the messages knowing who he was, it was a different vibe and context.

But, come on Op. You met last night at a bar, you aren't supposed to "know" him. Like everyone else is saying, obviously he was nice enough to text all day. Hell, you probably "know" him better than the guy you thought he was.

yes but the FML isn't that she didn't like him just because he wasn't who she thought he was, just that she thought he was a different person and had to pretend she recognised him, whether he was a nice guy or not

I didn't know this guy at all, and had no idea how he got my number, but from his point of view I was willing to text all day and meet up. I couldn't just ditch out.. Besides, I had a good time anyhow.

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well, you seem to have a lot to talk about, give him a chance.

A great piece of advice, but what I wanna know is how drunk was op that they don't remember giving this person their number? Or is something creepy going on here....

I wasn't that drunk.. the guy I ended up meeting up with was someone I've never seen and I don't know how he got my #. That's what made it so awkward, because I texted him all day and couldn't just flip my switch once I saw him. That's not fair.

You're a moron, if you don't know how he got your number then you ask because that's ******* creepy. If you don't know the guy then you leave, you be honest and say I'm sorry I thought you were someone else and how did you get my number. It's like you're asking to be attacked.

It's actually safer in this situation to not confront him, you know?

Besides the not knowing how the guy got your number, this same thing happened to my parents. They met at a bar, my mom ended up giving her number to two guys that night, but got drunk and forgot both their names, and when my dad called her she thought he was the other guy. When they eventually met up she was okay with it because apparently he killed it on the phone.

That doesn't stop it from being a good date or a cool dude though, hopefully it still worked out in the end?

Yea, it was just initially awkward because I didn't know as much about him as he or I thought..

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That's definitely awkward, but if you liked him enough to keep talking to him, keep seeing him! One day it will be a funny story to tell.

And that day is today.

Maybe you shouldn't be getting so drunk that you give your number out to random people that you can't remember. Or am I being too damned logical again? I hate when I do that. And before anyone jumps on me for making assumptions, she would have remembered giving her number to a guy if she weren't roaring drunk.

BlackBlazeCobra 16

You have a point. But she did seem to pick someone that she enjoys whether she remembered him or not. At least he's not some rapist or murderer (well, let's hope not)

I DID remember who I gave my number to, but how was I supposed to know this number was not him? I wasn't "roaring" drunk either..

You're assuming the guy she gave her number to didn't give it to this guy. Or that this guy didn't just find it or overhear her saying it. Shoot, I guess you WERE just being too logical. :

Those beer goggles must have really distorted your sight.

perdix 29

It's not you two have a lot of history to reminesce about. Is this guy hotter than the one you thought it was, or less hot, or are we just all interchangeable parts for you?

It's not about the hotness factor...I did enjoy his company too. It was just initially awkward though.. well, awkward for me. He doesn't know that he was something other than what I expected..

graceinsheepwear 33

Your story falls apart right there, because if you didn't give him your number and he got it from someone else or by overhearing, then he WOULD know that you wouldn't know what or who to expect. Something doesn't line up in this story.

hey the world is full of suprises. always enjoy them never regret them

Was he at least good looking?

his looks don't matter. she stayed for the date. *it's something*

I didn't mean it that way. If he was good looking than there would at least be an attraction there. They could then get to know one another. But if there is no physical attraction then the date would be pointless.

I get where bubbles is coming from. In any relationship there has to be some level of attraction. Not saying if the dude was butt ass ugly he doesn't deserve a chance, just that it would be much harder to want to continue seeing someone if there is ZERO attraction.

I don't understand why people are labelled shallow for looking for appearances as well as personality?! Why should you have to settle for someone you don't find attractive? Personally I find it as important as liking someone's personality. I'm not saying I need an Abercrombie model but if I love your personality and don't find you remotely attractive I'd much rather have you as a friend. Surely that makes sense? I'm ready to be voted down now..

What Bubbles, Op, and I think is attractive would be vastly different. Sure, there are universal guys that most girls will see as attractive (like Chris Hemsworth, Brad Pitt, etc.) But I am sure what I look for in a guy is vastly different than most of my friends. So, I am not sure why Bubbles is being down voted. If Op thinks the guy is attractive, enjoys texting him, and had a nice time on the date, she has the potential for a nice relationship. If she does not find him attractive, but enjoys his company, then she has made a new friend. If she thinks he is unattractive and does not truly like his company, then she wasted a few hours of her time. Either way, the difference between friends and romantic relationships is sexual/romantic attraction.

yenze 18

am I the only one who is jealous because I didn't think of the name mybubbles2000 1st?

yea, I understand what you're all saying. you don't exactly walk up to a person and think to yourself *well they have a beautiful personality so I'm going to talk to theme* physical appearance is what we notice first and it is what draws our attention

Yes, though that doesn't matter very much to me.

You get it :)

I'm in complete agreement, 52. The initial reason I stopped to talk to the man who became my Husband was because of him being attractive. However, after standing on the side of the street talking for over 2 hours, he went from attractive to Sex-on-a-freakin'-stick because of his personality.

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You talked to him all day so take time to get to know him in person. Who knows, it may work out.