By unfortunatelyunlucky - 12/12/2010 07:17 - United States

Today, while parked at school, someone broke into my car by smashing the window. I called the police and they informed me I could drive it to the local station as it was an easy 2 minute drive. As I was driving there, I got pulled over for driving with a smashed window. FML
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Don't you mean WITHOUT a smashed window?


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can one of the mods fix the original post. THX!

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this is a stupid fml you got pulled over and you didn't get a ticket big freakin deal.

hahah thats just very unfortunate for you :/

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if you had called 911 then they have it recorded and you can cite that reference number as evidence.

23: If OP called 911 for a smashed car window, (s)he* is a dumbass and ought to be fined. *Can't see gender or username on the mobile site.

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Hey Dunb ass 29. if the window is smashed then something is probably stolen. then it is ok to call 911. and even if something is not stolen, it is damage of property, therefore its also ok to call 911. i bet he's the one who smashed the window. haha

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911 is the number to call to reach emergency response personnel, not the number to call to report stolen items or other non-emergency crimes. A broken windshield is not an emergency. Although, if it broke while OP was sailing through it, the accident would qualify as an emergency.

Unfortunate, easily explainable though!

Don't you mean WITHOUT a smashed window?

are you guys ******* retarded? op said it right because driving WITH a smashed window is what got him pulled over. if he didn't have a smashed window there would be no reason to pull him over.

which also means the smashed window was gone due to the smashing.

But a smashed window doesn't mean the WHOLE window was smashed

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u mean without a smashed window?

Obviously WITH a smashed window. It's not illegal to drive without a window.

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@15 Check Your Spelling, I honestly hate people like you. ^NiceGuyz^

@16 I don't think "spelling" needs to be capitalized.

I don't think "your" requires capitalization, either.

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31 -- not needed, but not grammatically incorrect! |the kid|

15: You forgot how to spell you and your correctly, sweetie. Don't come correcting me when you have grammar mistakes also. Dumbass.

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Grammar Nazis, You forgot to include a touch of win to being a grammar Nazi. Who am I kidding, there's no win to being a grammar Nazi.