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Today, I found a baby squirrel on the pavement and thought I'd try and rescue it. While I googled what to do, it started running around. I tried to grab it, but it ran straight into the path of a car. FML
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should have picked it up carefully and carried it to safety before using Google

I would've at least tried to take care of it the best I could and bring it to a safe place first before googling what to do next. Animals won't wait for you forever, you know.


should have picked it up carefully and carried it to safety before using Google

Agreed. Heart's in the right place but if you need to google at that moment, you're not going to be any help.

It really depends on the animal. For squirrels, the mother will come get the baby and take it back to the nest as long as she can find it. If a person moves it, she may not be able to. It's also possible that the baby was actually a juvenile and fully independent. As long as OP was reasonably close to the baby, there wasn't much risk of another animal getting it, and if the animal dies from something else in the time it takes for you to google it, taking it inside probably wouldn't help. Since the animal could run around, it probably wasn't that hurt, and it likely would've bolted when OP tried to pick it up anyway.

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36 - All I can think of from that is the shot in the head skit from Mad TV.

I would've at least tried to take care of it the best I could and bring it to a safe place first before googling what to do next. Animals won't wait for you forever, you know.

Yea but that can backfire, a lot of times wild animals will abandon their babies if they smell humans on them. Even semi tamed cats have been known to kill their kittens after they were pet by someone.

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#8 that's an old wives tale, its been proven false.

I'm sure that part of the rationale of googling the squirrel was learning how to safely handle it. A squirrel may be small but they are still a wild animal and can severely injure someone, especially if they're carrying a disease. There was a squirrel on my college campus that attacked people multiple times.

Poor squirrel...if it got hit...right place just the wrong it then try to care for it

I would be lying if I said I did nut see that coming.

YDI. When it comes to ANY wild animal, if they can get up and run away, they do NOT need your help. Idiots

wow...he was only trying to help don't get so butthurt

Yeah it always annoyed me when I worked at the pet store when people brought in wildlife they "saved". It was always rabbits. People don't realize mama rabbits aren't always present on the nest and wind up stealing babies. Also the people who "saved" box turtles off the road and then decided to keep them in captivity the rest of their life afterwords.

I've always been told to stay a distance and not approach and keep an eye out for the mom or any evidence they came back.

I saved a turtle once. It was in the middle of the road, so I carried it to the side it was heading to. The thought of taking it home never even crossed my mind. How do people come up with that idea?

One time, my 120lb mastiff/lab mix found a little nest of bunnies. But no, his "killer" instincts didn't kick in, instead he gently carried one inside and tried to make it play with him by nudging it with his nose.

At least yo7 have a cute story, better then when my father discovered two bunnies in the backyard, one half eaten. Apperently my dog thinks they were play things but ended up killing them. My dad praised her while I was picking up the bodies and tearing up because they were very young. My dog is a bunny killer and I hate it.

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#20 Your dog is a dog. He's a descendant of an apex predator and thus has a prey drive - I'm pretty sure he knew exactly what those bunnies were and didn't confuse them with anything. The dogs who will adopt local wild life and invite it to play are the exception, not the rule. There's really no point in 'hating' that behaviour because it's completely natural and expected from a domesticated wolf.

I wasn't "hating" on his behavior, 27, I just thought it was funny.

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You do realize I wasn't talking to you but to #20? It's in the comment and everything.

I swear I've seen this on 1000 ways to die. :/