By anon - 01/07/2011 19:22 - United States

Today, I ran to my car and zoomed to work to avoid being late. I was in such a hurry, I forgot to close all my windows. When I got back to my car, I found a dead squirrel inside. FML
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He was trying to jack your car when he died of a heart attack from the adrenaline rush.

iAmScrubs 19

Put the squirrel in the passenger seat with a seat belt on it. He/she can be the best friend you never had. You can walk it on a leash, have tea parties with it, and cook it dinner. OMG, I'm so excited.


He was trying to jack your car when he died of a heart attack from the adrenaline rush.

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once when I was younger my family left to my God mother's house and since it was in the summer, we left our basement windows half way open since there wasn't any AC down there. the night before we had a party and I'm guessing there was alcohol because when we returned there was half a bottle left of Corona and a passed out squirrel. moral of my story is be happy the squirrel wasn't drunk.

OceanBreathesSal 5

that squirrel was a lightweight. and I'd rather laugh at a drunk squirrel than clean a dead one. anyways. how a squirrel got into your car and died within it's short visit I don't know. this whole situation sounds nuts. I hope they didn't cashew with your windows open.

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atleast you still got your car :P

Don't tell me you killed Hammy! He was just looking for his nuts!

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"the weed hacker Vern THE WEED HACKER" haha lmao I love that movie

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83 , whatcha got against eminem ? his music doesnt suck .. hes a genius ..

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no need to go to the store, plus it's already dead do you save in bullets!!! it's a win win situation

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I actually wouldnt eat that if i were you... unless you like the taste of my cum

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I was saying that I ****** the squirrel.

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I'm doin this for the lol but sorry 7 number 5 can't lick his lips all the way..... they're too big cause he's black hahaha

sounds like somebody needs to clean their car!

OP should give it to some little girl as a new friend. "It's a squoyyel!(: It's dead."

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well if you will leave your winter nut stash o your chair

salvorican 24

If u like eating bones and fur then sure

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it's called squirrel stew! I'm making some later tonight actually!

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yea and get fleas everywhere and possibly get various types of diseases, now if it was a dead winged tiger then thats a meal

Obviously not... the squirrel died remember?

At least you learned a valuable lesson to not rush with your windows down. As for the squirrel, its life can't be F'ed since it doesn't have one anymore. Literally.

My pet squirrel died today. Then someone stole it. I hope they didn't eat him.

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15- ahh that sounds amazing! ;D