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By  iAmScrubs  |  19

Put the squirrel in the passenger seat with a seat belt on it. He/she can be the best friend you never had. You can walk it on a leash, have tea parties with it, and cook it dinner. OMG, I'm so excited.

  yummycupkake  |  0

once when I was younger my family left to my God mother's house and since it was in the summer, we left our basement windows half way open since there wasn't any AC down there. the night before we had a party and I'm guessing there was alcohol because when we returned there was half a bottle left of Corona and a passed out squirrel. moral of my story is be happy the squirrel wasn't drunk.

  dolphincheddar  |  10

that squirrel was a lightweight. and I'd rather laugh at a drunk squirrel than clean a dead one. anyways. how a squirrel got into your car and died within it's short visit I don't know. this whole situation sounds nuts. I hope they didn't cashew with your windows open.

  vergaso  |  0

ohh look another eminem fan....^^^^^
another person who doesn't wanna admit he's been gayer and gayer and even back then he was only really for kids.....
when have you heard a grown man listen to eminem?mostly never
and they only like him because he's white and he went through such a *struggle* growing up
face it eminem sucks he's a fake and his new shit isso gay with little accents and him singing

By  sydmior  |  10

At least you learned a valuable lesson to not rush with your windows down. As for the squirrel, its life can't be F'ed since it doesn't have one anymore. Literally.