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I get around

  Today, not wanting to be known as a lightweight anymore, I started drinking with some guy friends. After one beer, I ended up in bed with one of them, who kindly put my bra back on for me after, as I was too sloshed. I'm no longer known as lightweight, but instead, the slutty drunk. FML
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  TapeMan_3000  |  0

wow one beer? I'm only 14 and could probably take that with not too much trouble. mostly cause my parents have been slowly desensatising me to alcohol in small amounts for years tho...

  livgasms  |  4

parents should slowly desensitise their kids to alcohol, studies have quite conclusively shown that children who are slowly easied into alcohol consumption are far less likely to binge drink or drink excessively once they grow up. bad parenting would be the opposite.

  NewMetalGirl  |  14

#254: My parents did the same with me. I'm 17 and can handle 3-4 beers before I get tipsy. My dad didn't want me being the one girl at a party who can not handle their alcohol and ends up being taken advantage of.

  T1A2Z3  |  34

Maybe her friends are guys? It's not a problem to drink with guys. Or to sleep with them. Both together isn't smart. Don't push yourself over your limit... be responsible.

By  alicexox  |  0

i'm sorry but one beer? what are you like 7? i'd say yuou deserved that one, you should know your limits, and in your case i don't think you should be drinking at all.