By Forever Alone x2 - 07/01/2012 19:47 - United States

Today, I found out that the only two people I've had feelings for in years are both dating each other. FML
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Cause big dicks in your ass is bad for your health

You should try for a threesome! ;)

#22, if she can find guys with skinny dicks, it would be cheaper than a colonic.

^^ Very original comment..

Or they were both guys and both gay? It doesn't have to be that she is bisexual.

"feelings towards for"? i think that's the real fml here

Technically it's either all lesbian women, two of the three are bisexual (assuming two males are bi since they date each other and dated OP, or OP is bi, giving two bi women and a probably confused guy), or I'll make myself a fruit salad. Crazy mix is crazy good.

Nice Ice Cube reference #22.

Maybe all three are lesbians.

It could also be that the other two are homosexual males.

*Jizzes in pants* UH OOOOOH (in Peter Griffins voice)

^^^ That's what I was thinking

#26 Jizz in pants There's no need for voice

*Looks at 64* *Looks at 26* *Looks at 64's picture* *Is confused*

Too many possible variations, it blows my mind.

#70, you need some brain training, there are only three variations, the two people are either (eye): a) Two guys -- the OP is a straight woman who likes two different guys who turn out to be gay. b) Two girls -- the OP is a lesbian who ended up the "odd man out," so to speak c) A guy and a girl -- the OP is bisexual and her two love interests love each other. Was that so hard?

That's what I automatically thought when I read it. Haha

What's a pedo bear look like?!

it has a black face, and bright yellow eyes...

81 or the two guys could be bi, but they aren't into her.

81 you're also forgetting that all 3 could be guys and OP is just the odd man out. Poor OP :/

How do you know one of them isn't a tranny see what I did there I through a wrench in your machine jk

That sounds complicated...!

*redneck voice* One o' them gosh-dang queer-o-sexuals.

The Op is a female, I imagine the ones she's had feelings for are male.

Why are you getting thumbed down? ^ It's not a far-fetched possibility...

Dam.. Haters lol

@66 Although it's been said a million times elsewhere I feel obliged to point out that there is NO situation here in which all parties are straight, which is what you seem to be predicating your assertion that the people for whom she has feelings are both male. Still you have a 1 in 3 chance (though I personally find the 3 lesbian thing the most likely for the simple reason that there is no difference in sexuality).

123 did you read your comment before you posted it?

It's not gay if it's a threeway

Thats what i was thinking!

Ouch. Sorry about that but chin up I'm sure you will meet someone.

For some reason whenever I read 6's comment I thought he meant, "Sorry for that butt chin, I'm sure you'll you'll meet someone." Anyone else? No? Okay.

Yeah I was wondering if anyone else noticed that!

Well, i speak for all of us when i say, I hate cheating bitches!

I don't think cheating is necessarily the correct word here.

It's not cheating if nobody is married.

Wow i totally misread that

14- im pretty sure you can cheat without being married.

Smittyja24, your logic is so faulty it's unreal

14 .....are you retarded?

Irrelevant post is irrelevant.

Lol #5 i thought the sanem thing when i read that!

What the fuck is a sanem?

New spelling of 'same'. Duh.

Or salmon. Or semen. Or shaman. It really could go a number of ways. But you're probably right; it's "same."

8, why the fuck wouldn't you reply to 5 then?

Shaggy2dope does not approve of this message.

Either you're bi or the two guys are gay ?

No shit, how long did it take you to figure that one out, genius?

Or, they all are lesbians?

I'm so confused right now.

She's a lesbian. She's bisexual. Sraight. Pansexual. Etc. The couple is Girl x Boy. Girl x Girl. Boy x Boy. Etc. Many possibilites. WE GET IT.

Who's bisexual, gay, or lesbian?