By Shelly - 14/12/2011 05:18 - United States

Today, I accidentally called my cute boss "babe." I now have to pretend it's what I call everyone, and start calling all my coworkers "babe." FML
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" Hey Babes! How are you dolls today?" I hate people who speak that way! Can't you just have laughed it off as an accident?


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if his last name is Ruth, then it's all good.

Screw ur way up the company ranks my friend

Alright, so noobish question time. a) My assumptions: Shelly is a female-only name. I have never seen a male Shelly. Babe is a name reserved for females. I don't think you'd ever say, "Damn, look at that hot babe." when referring to an attractive male. The OP is most likely straight (due to statistics, and the fact that the person didn't point out anything to the contrary). b) As such the OP is a female who called a female boss, "babe". I'm confused.

That's a bad assumption as males can be called babe as well! alright? Babe??

Girls call their boyfriend's babe all the time. Nice try though.

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Shelly Duncan. Professional baseball player. Played for the Yankees a couple of years ago. Not sure where he is now. There's a male Shelly for you

I have a guy friend who i call Shelly. His real name is Sheldon though.

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Sounds like somebody's going to get sexual discrimination charges By human resources

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65 how would you know OPs boss is female?

#65 humorizer..don't take up space with your stupid comment

@104: Read point a) first to see why I'm assuming the boss is a female.

" Hey Babes! How are you dolls today?" I hate people who speak that way! Can't you just have laughed it off as an accident?

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My history teacher calls everybody "babe" or "honey". I doubt you're as creepy as my history teacher. Just pretend it never happened.

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Or it could be as she said it was! She probably got really embarrassed and did what she thought would best cover it up! Now your idea.. That's just stupid!

I doubt anyone would notice (or care) if she stopped saying babe

61- Your replies to this and previous FMLs have led me to the conclusion that you're an idiot blonde without a sense of humor. His "idea" was meant as a joke. As was that other commenter's regarding that fellow and his boss. Unless you can refrain from jumping on the "You're stupid because I can't understand your joke" bandwagon, I'd advise you not to comment. You make yourself look incredibly dumb and also quite bitchy. Dumb and bitchy are not a pleasant combination. That is all.

101- I was going to say that but thank you for saving me time. 61- you have no place to tell him his idea was stupid even if he was serious because you yourself don't even know what happened.. if you can't take a joke then FML probably isn't a place for you.

it's alright babe!just be sure to call the toothless janitor babe;)

Seriously? Why didn't you just shake it off? I doubt your boss thought much of it...

You could have just laughed it off, doubt he would have cared after that

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If you're desperate say you have major Bieber Fever, and have "Baby" stuck in your head.

That has to be the worst excuse that I've ever heard.

I second that 23 ... What the hell were you thinking man?'!! No one could never be that desperate!!!

I'd rather my boss think I call everyone "Babe" than think I have Bieber Fever. Good Lord, man, turn on your brain!

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Remember that line between fantasy and reality. It can be pretty fine sometimes, I understand.

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Are you telling my I'm not spiderman? Cause I'd be really pissed.