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  humorizer  |  14

Alright, so noobish question time.

a) My assumptions: Shelly is a female-only name. I have never seen a male Shelly. Babe is a name reserved for females. I don't think you'd ever say, "Damn, look at that hot babe." when referring to an attractive male. The OP is most likely straight (due to statistics, and the fact that the person didn't point out anything to the contrary).

b) As such the OP is a female who called a female boss, "babe". I'm confused.

  desireev  |  17

Or it could be as she said it was! She probably got really embarrassed and did what she thought would best cover it up! Now your idea.. That's just stupid!

  EpicSquishii  |  21

61- Your replies to this and previous FMLs have led me to the conclusion that you're an idiot blonde without a sense of humor.
His "idea" was meant as a joke. As was that other commenter's regarding that fellow and his boss.

Unless you can refrain from jumping on the "You're stupid because I can't understand your joke" bandwagon, I'd advise you not to comment. You make yourself look incredibly dumb and also quite bitchy.
Dumb and bitchy are not a pleasant combination. That is all.

  shutupYDI  |  4

101- I was going to say that but thank you for saving me time.
61- you have no place to tell him his idea was stupid even if he was serious because you yourself don't even know what happened..
if you can't take a joke then FML probably isn't a place for you.