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Today, I met my new roommate. She severely struggled with pronouncing my name, and decided that to save time and the effort, she's just going to call me what she thinks my name sounds like: Lube. FML
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29- PM him then. He kind of looks like the lead singer of PWTs.

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Seriously, quit threadjacking.

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Haha yeah jay, and kiddnyc I never noticed that. and last and least, heehees either my detectors are broken, or your cyberflirting with a 14 year old.

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And thanks kiddnyc I was about to say the same

I bet it is summit like luke or summit thats the closest to lube

But Luke isn't any harder to pronounce than Lube would be.

I think the be might be Lupe. Spanish name but makes sense

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Lube Buttraider? Star wars gone wrong! Lol

Hey my name is ****** Luke!!!! Don't call me lube!!!!

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My name is Muslim.... people still have trouble pronouncing it. My science teacher got confused and once called me Islam and wouldn't believe me when I told her my real name was Muslim.

Luke? I think but Lube and Luke sounds like the same xD

If it's a girl, her name might be Lupè. (Loopay) xD

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Summit? Girl you have me more lost than waldo

Well, "Lube" IS easier to pronounce than "Anonymous"...

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Just wondering why there are so many 12, 13, an 14 year olds on here? Not hating, I just remember this site used to have a lot older people (like 20s so not actually old).

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Why does it matter?.. Im not trying to be rude, just wondering.

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131- Summit means something. It's what they say in England.

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It's a natural question for most people. We want to know THE TRUTH!! :D

xP well I just hope they are the same age as you and not 32 year old men behind a screen. ( :P btw 14 year old female, from canada, eh)

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23- Interesting how your "girlfriend" shows up on google images when you search "hot girl dirtbike" ;) (yes I looked it up lol)

If we followed those rules then there wouldn't be half as much people here, if they didn't make those rules, what fun would it be to break them?

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Age doesn't change someone's maturity level.

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Too bad the actual quote is, "No. I am your father." FYL.

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148- lol I looked it up too and yeah she's on google images XD

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148- I love you. Thats hilarious. 152- you're*

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can't be Luke. OP says roommate is a she, and guys can't have female roommates.

Her name might be Lubelle. I know someone with that name. It was more popular in the old days.

76 - If you're doing a reference to starwars, take note: In starwars they said "No, I am your father." they never said "Luke, I am your father."

#143 I'm from England and no one I know says "summit" instead of "something".

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No one american actually says it that way.

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And you don't know the difference between "your" and "you're".

Ok so I know this guy's comment is near the top but I just gotta say this... Jake1632 your 14? me too... I like your pic ;)

A summit is Tge top of a mountain. Hagrid and David Brent say "summat," which I believe is what you meant.

Says at the top of the screen her name is luciana or something like that a

why does that matter? I'm 13 and like to think that I have better grammar (and spelling) than some of the older people on the site p.s.what's your name at the top you are totally hot (I unlike some can say that without being creepy) because I'm 13 and not 25. k. out

#225 He said his name was Jake or Robert. You might be able to spell correctly but you need to work on your reading skills...

43, why do you have a roommate if you're only 14?

Wait your 14 ? Same i just put my age as 18 :) x

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YDI for having the name Lupiyrefhutfhjudg.

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I don't think that is her name...

saIty 17

I guess I just have a strange sense of humor.

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Salty, your picture happened to me once.

saIty 17

Omg were you also probed by aliens?

The party wouldn't be the same without lube!

jake1632 9

Salty I think so. Were you there with me on that foggy august 3rd?

saIty 17

Yeah, I was room 3, where I was tied down and forced to listen to Friday, after my probing.

jake1632 9

I was in room 3 toooo! then they like had avatar sex all over again.. but it's pretty hard to enjoy personal porno after having three crooked things shoved up your bootyhole...

Salty, your name is sour. Aren't I sweet for being so bitter? I amuse myself.

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Well I thought your joke was funny :)

the party don't start till lube walks in

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This FML would be so much funnier if the OP's name was something simple. Example: "Today, I met my new roommate. She couldn't pronounce my name, so she decided to go with something close: Lube. My name is Mike. FML"

it would not be Luke because op said the roommate is a she and that means she's a girl too...

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It could be lupe. I thonk thats how you spell it....dont know forsure

Who said roommates can't be opposite genders?

It really depends on where they are roommates at

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It might be Luke... But that isn't hard to pronounce... Or it could be Lube and he's been pronouncing it wrong all this time!

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Cop: Who did it? Roomate: "LUBE" Roomate: Oh, sorry your name slipped out. Lube: Damn it!

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legit lol'd there haha nice one

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That's what I'll name my first-born child. Thank you!

I once knew a girl who was contemplating calling her future child Chlamdyia [sp?]. She was 14 at the time though, so hopefully when she DOES have children... OP, after a few tries, I would have come up with a cool nickname. Like Dumbledore or something.

A friend of mine is called Aurore but English speakers can't pronounce her name and call her "error", "horror" or "*****"...

That should interesting if your friends ever call and your not there, "lube is not in right now"

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Lmao @ 36... I usually don't laugh at puns, but that one was pretty funny.

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"What? Lube is behind you, silly!"

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lubes knocking on my back door right now!

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What could I do without you lube?! Oh lube you make everything so much easier. You wouldn't be where you are if it weren't for lube. Lube made Dick Fitwell. Lube makes jokes really hard to make..

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She's just messing with you