By Anonymous - 25/10/2015 02:33 - United States - North Little Rock

Today, my brother's recent creepy behavior suddenly made sense when I found "How to seduce your sister?" in his browser search history. FML
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It's more "I pity your life" in this case.

You should really speak to him about it, that's not okay. But looking at the location... I'm not surprised.

Confront him about it. Ultra embarrassing mode.

Humiliation is not how you should handle someone who has feelings for you. I totally get the fml, its gross and pretty ****** up, but he is still OPs brother and there is a way to handle it wothout ruining him emotionally.

I agree with #46. Making him feel like that can cause depression. He probably wouldn't even beable to talk to his sister anymore without feeling guilty and disgusted with himself.

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He should feel disgusted with himself because seducing your sister is NOT ok.

I never said it was okay. But we are talking about a human here. it's not like he can chose who he is attracted to. Obviously he shouldn't act on it but some of us don't have self control. Not liking yourself can make change, but there's a chance he can also become so depressed and unhappy he inflicts self harm.

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Plus it's an actual mental disorder called genetic sexual attraction (GSA). So humiliating him probably won't help. OP should talk with her parents and consider getting her brother some serious help.

op can brotherzone him. that's only when a brotherzone would truly work.

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He deserves to be humiliated. There's a difference between not being able to help feelings and SEARCHING how to seduce your sister.

That's just sadistic. He's still a human being. Humiliation might lead to depression, which just leads to one less person who's useful in society. It's a lot more practical to just help your own BROTHER and let him move on instead of scarring him with guilt forever.

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How the hell is rape an "lol" moment....?

Seriously. this is not OK. there isn't an excuse for it. it's just wrong and seriously creepy and scary. ugghh and how can anyone sit here and say worry about how it scars him emotionally. he is already emotionally messed up. don't think it could get much worse. her parents need to be told ASAP and her brother needs psychiatric help. seriously.

#147 so if a guy tells you he is going to kill himself, you find the best thing to do is humiliation? Saying why should we care about his feelings cause he is already messed up is ****** up on so many levels. First off, feelings come and go, so to ruin his life over some phase he had, doesn't make any sense at all. And even if it wasn't a phase have a heart, how he feels shouldn't change the fact that he still deserves help if he needs it.

Even harder to escape than the friend zone #96

Get onto his computer and change his home screen to or something similar.

Nothing is more special than a bond between brother and sister

Tell him to get out of the house more.

Funny you say that.. I don't normally jump onto the stereotype bandwagon but I immediately checked the location after reading this FML and thought to myself "say no more"...

Funny, it sounds exactly like you're jumping on the stereotype bandwagon.

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I thought the usual location would be Virginia, West Virginia, or some where in the south...

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dammit Arkansas, you had one job.

#49 thats why #22 said he doesn't normally jump on the stereotyping bandwagon....meaning he did this time And #66 Arkansas is pretty southern, further south than West Virginia actually, and its all the Ozarks, like hill people, thats who lives in Arkansas, hill people.

#66 as opposed to Arkansas, which is in the north???

That's the most perfect one worded comment I've ever read.

I incest that you speak to someone about this. Seriously... This is a problem.

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Oh wow, that is disturbing. Do you think it could be his super weird, misguided attempt at messing with you...? I know I'm grasping at straws here...yikes. And ew.

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Fun Fact: Inter family sex is the most rapidly growing category of **** in the US, as of 2014. Well in hind sight, that wasn't a very fun fact.

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It was a data point from like pornhub and maybe some other sites. There's a video for it

And here's to the devolution of mamkind...

@59- they give you a chance to change your comment for a reason.

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Never let tgat stat slip from your lips or the tips of your fingers...ever...again. It's not even socially acceptable to quote a stat like that. Shows how many ****** up people are in the world.

Fun fact: actors play pretend. **** actors are no different. Any two-bit cameraman slinging smut can tell any 18yo man to call any 40yo woman "Mommy" and vice versa and it would constitute as incest ****, regardless of any actual blood ties. I'd go so far as to say the tag "young/mature" would be more accurate… in most cases.

Probably because of the stigma though and the thrill of something forbidden, not that they'd actually want to sleep with family in real life (in general)

I personally don't find my mom, dad, or brothers attractive and don't have any sisters. Only sister in laws. With that being said I've watched incest **** and really do like it. I don't think of my mom when I watch it. I see it as a role playing. If I had a sister or hot sister or step sister then..