By Anonymous - 03/10/2009 16:43 - United States

Today, I was helping my friend pack her carry on for her vacation. I drove her to the airport, and after her plane took off, I noticed I put my cell phone in her purse. Her vacation is 2 months long. FML
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Serafie 0

Get her to mail it to you, then?

She will find out you had her in the ignore list.


Serafie 0

Get her to mail it to you, then?

Ligerie 0

I thought about that too, then I thought; maybe the friends number is in his phone, and he cannot reach her otherwise.

Dude wOOd Die with our my phone espacialy 4 a dammm Months Ugg im haven a heartattack thinkin about it LOLzzz datz Rly sux tho.....

fritzmims 0

He could easily get her number from someone else and call her to mail it to him

Christina21 2

Its likely her friend will see her phone in the bag

Groucho_fml 5

God, some of my brain died after reading 63's comment..

She will find out you had her in the ignore list.

uhh, have her mail it to you? no biggie. i'm sure you will live!

Haha #2. And yeah, have her mail it to you. I hope you know her number by memory or have a way to get it.

Sun_Kissed18 25

Even if she doesn't, she could get the number from another one of her friends, or I'm sure the friend would evenutally find the phone and mail it to her

SaphireFlames 0

Now thats what im talkin about!!

Knowing Snail Mail your friend will probably get back before your phone does.

jw90 18

She will notice when she texts you and hears your ringtone go off.

bre_zip_it_up13 11

how you put ur phone in her purse

mister_moops 0

Maybe they have similar looking phones and she thought it was her friend's?

I hope you can find the will to survive for the few days it will take her to mail it back to you. Maybe in the meantime you can film yourself for an episode of "Survivorman: life without a cell phone".

You are a good friend. I hope your friend is considerate enough to take messages from everyone who thinks they are calling you. It's the least she can do for having a free phone. It will really prove your generosity when those roaming charges come in. I'm sure you'll pass.