By stillhave2years - 22/05/2013 10:56 - United States

Today, for the fourth time this week, I witnessed my mother dancing around the house naked. Apparently, she is loosening up her "inner nudist" and isn't planning on stopping any time soon. FML
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then000bster 16

Say hello to the twins for me!

I hope for your sake she doesn't invite any "fellow nudists" over for dinner.


then000bster 16

Say hello to the twins for me!

Perhaps a fashionable blindfold would suit you well?

Find your inner nudist, eh em, inner buddhist.

perdix 29

#1, sometimes, "the girls" don't bear much of a resemblance to one another. Now I have the visual of the mom dancing naked with the big one clumsily and lazily flopping from side to side while the little one flits about in double-time. Thanks for getting me started!

Sir_ND_Pity 35

44 - You make it sound like you don't like what you just described. We all know you do ;-)

44- Now the question is, who is going to help you finish?

I've seen my parents walk around naked too. It really isn't pleasant when you think about the fact you came from there. Hopefully your mum isn't very fat like mine. I feel your pain, OP. Just don't invite anyone over for a while.

Yes, because that image was needed. >.>

I find it disturbing that you've even seen your dad naked. That's something u should never see if you are a girl.

jem970 19

Sometimes it cant be helped. I walked in on my parents going at it on the couch and saw my dad do the bare-assed-dash to his room while my mom screamed like a girl. The hazards of living with the 'rents.

SirTalkaton 22

The 'rents. I like that. With permission, I shall use it.

I hope for your sake she doesn't invite any "fellow nudists" over for dinner.

killer6969 16

Unless their hot of course and to your liking

Bring friends over constantly, so your mom doesn't want to go nude then... If so, FYL

That's a great idea! Why not bring the whole neighbourhood over? I'm sure that will get her to stop

Not nice. Mind you, if people think your mum is a MILF you could take some covert snaps and make some money on the internet. Sorry, my inner entrepreneur took a VERY creepy turn there. I'll go back to sleep now.

Huh? If you want to verbally attack me you'll have to say something that makes sense first. :)

RedPillSucks 31

It's the suspense of wondering what comes next that gets you...

Are you sure ChatRoulette isn't on her computer somewhere?

There are no women on ChatRoulette. Just guys hanging brain.

Just join in really early in the morning. If that doesn't stop her, then nothing will.

perdix 29

Her house, her rules! If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Put on the Justin Bieber CD and show her your awesome helicoptering skills and that will probably ruin naked dancing for her.

Wouldn't he need to have a long enough penis to do this?

perdix 29

#14, not necessarily. While it would be disturbing to see him whipping around a big dick, it would probably be equally disturbing or worse to see him trying to spin around his stubbie.

16, That's also true. But it probably would just look like he's wagging it up and down with his two fingers. I actually had to look this term up on The first result meant when a man slaps his penis on the woman's face - which is also a disturbing picture.

flockz 19

^have you ever watched ****?

Yup lol. All the time. I'm saying it's disturbing since it's his mother's face that he will be slapping.

perdix 29

#18, two fingers? That's huge! I have to use a little lasso made of dental floss, . . ., er, I mean, I've heard some guys have to use a little lasso made of dental floss to whip it around.

jem970 19

This thread... to many mental images... pass me the brain bleach!

27, That sounds pretty dangerous though. If dental floss is tied too tight, wouldn't OP's penis turn purple and fall off?

If you keep it on there for a good few dozen consecutive hours, sure. It'd be hurting long before that would happen.

40, Maybe if it was erect - which is yet another disturbing picture (only because it is his mother that's currently in the room). I'm assuming that during the time that he's tying a lasso around his penis, it IS flaccid. Don't forget it's tiny as well. Clearly not even big enough to be held by 2 fingers.

Don't think you need to be massive to helicopter. I can and I presume I'm fairly average.

RedPillSucks 31

This is disturbing that you guys know so much about this. Also, what of OP is female?

#73, I've got lots of spare time on my hands. ;)

avapaige1234 19

If I were you I would take my shirt off and dance with my mom! Would be a nice bonding moment

420Zombie 17

Well... I dunno about you, but when I see my mom naked the LAST thing I think about is stripping naked myself