By troublewithbleach - 06/04/2011 01:52 - United States

Today, I was cleaning my bathroom, and accidentally spilled bleach, ruining my shower curtain, rugs, and towels. While attempting to wipe up the bleach, I knocked over a bottle of shower cleaner. It read, "WARNING: DO NOT MIX WITH BLEACH." I still can't go in the house. FML
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****! that is really dangerous! Poisonous gasses everywhere lol.

Why would you have those things right next to each other...


no it could be real some chemicals mixed with bleach can make chlorine gas

There is a wide variety of poisonous gases that you can make using standard household cleaning products.

I once made a crazy concoction with bleach, vodka, absinthe and lemon pledge. I took one shot and woke up 3 days later in Mexico with a tequila cap imbedded in my ass.

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You sure it wasn't a coke bottle? I do believe Doc has pictures.

Lois stayed by my crib for those 3 days.

you son of a bitch!! il kill you, but first i'll impregnate you then kill you with my fist!!!

So this means you got rid of the hooker's body?

Bleech and amonia mixed make mustard gas, dont try it though.

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if you drink bleach, you WILL DIE!, in a chemist

I ment what are the odds of it saying that

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114. but... bleach is water and we are water, therefore we are bleach.

yea but the so called water has chemicals in it sooo ya

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So? There are poisonous gasses in my restroom all the time;)

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I have a feeling his name is killjoy for a reason

Bleach isn't water, I don't know exactly what it is but it's very basic substance while water is neutral. The fact that bleach is very basic is what makes it dangerous.

****! that is really dangerous! Poisonous gasses everywhere lol.

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Poisonous gases in the bathroom.

If the other cleaner was sulfur based (I believe from personal experimentation, sodium hypochlorite just makes everything smell better), possessed hydrochloric or acetic acid, the reaction between the two would produce some wonderful chlorine has... It really clears the nasal passages if one has a cold or suffers from seasonal allergies. It also burns the inside of your body and performs many other delightfully destructive acts. On a more hopeful/positive side, perhaps the op was being ridiculous and spilled hydrogen peroxide everywhere and produced oxygen gas and some tasty salt water, (s)he could drink it! (Disclaimer: I don't recommend attempting that, common house hold bleach also contains many oxidizers that shouldn't be injected... unless you've grown tired of this terrestrial plane of existence in which case I suggest a small dose of potassium cyanide dissolved in a glass of water. It must be one of the most peaceful ways to go.)

*gas, not has. :( Sincerest apologies.

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pizzasammy - I wasted two minutes of my time reading your comment, but it was well worth it.

I believe you also meant to say ingested rather than injected.

I thought waste and worth were opposites.... so since they cancel each other out, all you did was say it took you two minutes to read that comment, congrats :) I wasted 30 second writing this reply, but it was worth it :P

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either one would be "A Bad Thing™"

Icaughtfire- I'm glad you found it worthy of said time. Sharing knowledge is how we all grow. :D Yes, I did mean ingested... I must learn how to proof read properly before sounding like a fool... : /

it's ok sammy, your awesomeness makes up for your lack of grammer

Clumsy people chemicals don't mix, you're the living proof.

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A rare case because usually clumsy people+chemicals=dead proof.

Why would you have those things right next to each other...

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My thought exactly. Why the heck would someone bring out all their cleaning chemicals at once?! lol

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why would OP have all the chemicals out at once...and have them all opened?..

FFFAAAIIILLLLL!!!!!!!!! xD Just kidding, I cannot STAND when people say that. Ew, I feel weird now. Asdfhekekwwlej. ;/

I hate it when people say asdfhekekwwlej. asdfhekekwwlej ... blast! I'm one of •you people• now ...

I hate when you people say "you people" shit.... it's a pandemic!!!!

I hate when people suck at making jokes

I hate when people state the obvious.

I hate when people try to be funny by continuing an "I hate" list.

Doesn't that make mustard gas? Whatever kind of gas it makes, it's really deadly. FYL OP.

If the cleaner had ammonia in it, OP might have just made Chlorine gas. Browsing a bit for ammonia x bleach mixtures yields something morbidly humorous. There is more than one way apparently to kill yourself from the mixture.

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Yes it makes hydrochloric acid AKA mustard gas.