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By  Dr_Phil  |  0

#8 - You're referring to a Cleveland Steamer, not a Hot Pocket. A Hot Pocket is related, but can only be done to a woman. I'm going to skip the details, but you can look them up on urban dictionary.

By  casanova_fml  |  0

there are few things more boring than fucking a dead fish (of a woman). if he has whiskey dick and gets bored, its time for you to take control and ride him for all hes worth...

unless you're fat and ugly, in which case you damn well better take advantage of having a dick availible because it will probably be quite a while before you get another

By  mleeb  |  0

what makes this all the more sad is that he was drunk. you'd think it'd be easier to keep him entertained. maybe you should work on your technique.

... i can't imagine what it's like for him when he's sober.

By  alwaysme_fml  |  0

omg last night the same thing happened to me!!! I was on top and i was quite enjoying myself then out of nowhere he was like "are you done yet? Im borde" By any chance is this inbread bf of yours from newfoundland? Maybe its a newfie thing lol.