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Today, I came home to my mom dancing the hustle naked. With a group of 4 friends. FML
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in some cases, beat to 'em. not if your family though. but I would have

becuase he could beat her so he isn't have to join her

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when I read this I thought it was 4 of his friends. I am sad now

Your mom knows how to get down, party at your house!

57 op is a her, so it would be even better

That's pretty sick dolphin. You'd beat to your mother dancing naked? Get help.

71 he's obviously joking.... or atleast that's the vibe I'm feeling

seriousness is not my forte. but that is

76 he's not joking, that's just how WE roll.

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Now I have the song "Do The Hustle" stuck in my head. 'Do the hustle! ba ba ba ba ba ba ba....' Dammit.

Naked hustle? Sounds like that one time at summer camp...

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Hey at least it wasn't dad too.

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Who doesn't like dancing naked?? (;


op needs to be glad she caught them while they were still dancing.

At least you didn't find em douching it up in their bathroom taking myspace mirror pictures.

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yea seriously, nickel for every time that's happened...

haha as soon as I read "do the hustle" I instantly thought of Fry from Futurama

lets all get stoned and dance around. Best feeling in the world.

you look a little constipated there my love.

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Hey 4, you're half way there! You're already shirtless! =D

There's nothing wrong with taking your shirt off...

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Oh, I know. I never said there was, I was just informing him that he was half way there. Some guys aren't too bad to look at so I'm perfectly fine with shirtless guys.

hmmm that's precisely what I was thinking.... he should break out the videocamera

it's a girl though, so how would that...

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oh-kay? thats normal... so how is the weather?

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when this reaches 69 likes we should leave it >:D

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I don't think this is an FML. it's more of a MASSIVE WTF?????

I don't think this is an FML. it's more of a MASSIVE WTF?????

# 3 why would he be lucky to see his mom dancing naked???

it was probably directed at her mom's friends . . . i hope.

I miss the days were people knew about sarcasm...

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I miss the days of when people knew the difference between "where" and "were".....

Really 149... do you feel better about your life now.. I'd say you were cool but I'd be lying... and I'd ask where your from but I don't care... happy?

at least it wasn't the truffle shuffle.

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someone stepped on a mine...sheesh

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And this is the part where you leave. Quickly.

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Better start looking into therapy.

What happened to all of your clothes!?? D:

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hmm. I would suggest never to bring a boy home

You must be new. Most of your comments are stupid.

crazyrunnergirl 7

how about you stop commenting on my stuff and mind your own business

It's kinda hard to ignore your comments when they're so easy to talk about.

crazyrunnergirl 7

ya and the other 500 comments on FML aren't easy to talk about? stop being a snob and leave me alone.

I'm not being a snob. I didn't assay anything about your grammar but on the last FML, why would you break up with a guy just because he lives with his mom..?

crazyrunnergirl 7

because by the time he's 38 whether the economy sucks or not he should be working SOMEWHERE that pays enough to provide some kind of home and also they dated for 10 months and he said nothing to her about this which means he's not being totally honest

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It doesn't say ANYWHERE that he doesn't have a job. Yes the economy sucks. Like I said before, he's maybe making only enough that his able to live with his mom. maybe he wanted to stay in a relationship long enough so he can live with his partner.

crazyrunnergirl 7

I doubt that and even so he still was not honest with her and if he is lying about this know to her he most likely will keep doing it

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Why are you guys arguing about a different fml? Let it go already.

It's not like he lied to her and said he lived in his own house. The FML said she learned that he lives with his mom. Maybe she never asked. now that is all, I'm not arguing with you anymore.

Ipwnlosers, by your standards, "you must be new on fml, because your comments suck". Btw, I love your oxymoron here... Do you "pwn" yourself? Probably at night under the covers in bed, amirite?

how can you guys argue that much over this site?

well crazyrunner was just minding her own bussiness, commenting what she felt right, when out of a sudden a wild ipwnlosers appeared. crazyrunner tried to defend herself against all of the bitch-based attacks brought on by ipwnlosers. after a few comments from both sides, other commenters where tired of these war, so they started to comment and tried to stop the war.

do you understand now how can they argue so much?

ipwnloser's why do you start stuff? pwning isn't about being a bitch.

I pwn losers- shut the fu*k up. if someone pisses you off then don't comment. and if she's new, how could she be arguing about a past fml, because she wouldn't have seen it. no one liked an assh*le, and if you have problems with people, don't take them out on random people. are you tht scared you have to insult people on the Internet because they can't do anything back?

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Yeah ipwnlosers shut the **** up and take a long walk off a short pier. What the **** crawled up your ass today?

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I didn't even know FMLs were big enough deals to stir up arguments. Silly me.

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# 63....GROW UP ALREADY !!!! Leave people alone. you are always trying to start shit with people. Get a life already.