By notsurprised - 01/08/2011 12:55 - United States

Today, I woke up to my mom washing the dishes completely naked. Sadly, I was more surprised by the fact she was doing the dishes than the fact that that she was strutting about in her birthday suit. FML
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I don't envy your life.

ZombieeeeUnicorn 1

Just be thankful it wasn't your dad... And that you have clean dishes.


I don't envy your life.

bfflrhea 0

... Mental image O.o

biasedshooter 24

pics or it didn't happen!

shit, wrong comment. here comes the thumbs downs. that was for you boners

Can we say awkward O.o

Can we say awkward O.o

Owwww. Serious bonding time :)

No_habla_espanol 11

I told her it was a bad idea! The dishes, that is.

what's your address? I think I love this woman

Since its a girl writing this it should be fine atleast she is not naked around her son

olpally 32

All I have to say is yikes?!? And be glad u don't have to do the dishes?!? Fyl op...

Allie1324 0


Allie1324 0

U play*r ?

is she hot?...just askin

Your moms birthday suit is to strip down naked? Sounds like she has fun.

CabooseWins 0

Is it too late to say "Pics or it didn't happen"?

AaronTkr 0

-104 yep. i said that a couple of hours ago.

Did she lose a bet?

is. she naked often?

Maybe she's a stipper

silversti 0

or a nudist

That's not heavily implied..

AaronTkr 0

pics or it didn't happen

Lwelch4567 1

I hope that that profile pic is not u

saIty 17

Your mom just wants to live her life to the fullest. You should take some notes.

EffinToofer 3

Cocaine's a hell of a drug.

someone call Rick James to help explain.

GuyMcGee 0


I'm rich bitch! Darkness is...

Jvr91 8

"Fuck yo couch!!!!"

Why were you asleep why the dishes needed to be done?

atleast she wasn't using bathroom chemicals...


Maybe OP's mom decided to do them in the morning. Or maybe OP is nocturnal and woke up in the evening to the mother doing dishes.

lol earlier fml :)

ZombieeeeUnicorn 1

Just be thankful it wasn't your dad... And that you have clean dishes.

Or that your dad wasn't helping dry, naked.

nixter5 18

pics or it didn't happen :D

In that cleanin' mood.

Strange that she woke up in the kitchen... Wild night? ;)

Pictures or not believing it

YO Op. Me and you should become friends. We'll do all that friend stuff, bur more importantly SLEEP OVeRs!!!!!

She probably got cursed by "TITS OF GTFO" early in life,