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Today, during my fourth solo day working as a meter-maid, I had a vehicle towed for being parked in front of a fire hydrant. The vehicle belonged to the governor. I'm scared to even show my face at work next week. FML
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It's tough to make calls like that! You made the right choise though because if they make a law for you to inforse it applys to them to! They aren't just ammune to everything because they have some power!

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A law broken is a law broken. Governor or not.


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Yep. I hope at least you didn't call him and say "hi!!! I like, towed your car! Lol."

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No one is above the law. Except maybe superheros

What 18 said. If the Governor fires you, sue to your heart's content. And anyone who says "oh typical American move", you explain to me in your little cheese eating surrender monkey country how you get your job back, or get severance, without suing.

Surrender monkey. I believe it was a derogatory term from WW2 referring to individuals who surrendered.

Oh no, it came from the Simpsons, around 1995. Hey, we are French, but we know good TV!

Well damn. You learn something new every day. I honestly had only heard it on BBC, I don't get to watch much tv on Le boats.

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OP he is the governor not the God Father.

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I like cheese what's wrong with that?

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Got dammit, 18, put a shirt on!

#1 how were you to know? was there anything on the car indicating who it was? and who was he to park illegally? you were right to do your job .

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Just because hes the governor doesnt give him the right to park infront of a fire hydrent. Im sure he'll under stand. You were just doing your job after all. :)

something to consider though it is only his forth day and i am not sure but most jobs dont need a reason to fire someone that soon so maybe thats why he cannot sue?

He isn't above the law. If you get fired. Sue him.

1, you should have maid a good pun. Instead of telling OP good luck, it would have raised his spirits.

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you're correct but feom seeing what happens from working at ny job that deals with parking the hifger ups dont care they feels they can park anywhere they feel like it and god forbid they get ticketwd or towed, tgey call and threaten to fire the director and whatnot. so yeat its a bitch.

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well they are not above the law

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Well, we have a labour board that deals with those things, so you just take your case to the labour board and they will get the company to pay up. No need to sue. Regardless, this is not an FML. This is GFY(good for you, not the other GFY). OP, you did your job exactly the way you should have. As others have stated, the governor is not above the law. His car was illegally parked and he completely deserved to have it towed and impounded. If your co-workers try to give you grief, tell them to GFThemselves. You have nothing to answer for.

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..explaining that people shouldn't park in front of fire hydrants no matter who they are...

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(continues) ... And that no one is safe from Meter Maiden, Mojojo's 1st cousin.

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Idk? Ppl just always say write letters to the governor I assumed he didn't need to be told what he should right....

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*write. I can't believe I'm in the same generation as you.

BrittanyPernell6 0

Eh w/e obviously a typo the word was spelt the right way the first time I typed it

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Actually. Write is right unless ur dumb and say rite or right a letter

It's tough to make calls like that! You made the right choise though because if they make a law for you to inforse it applys to them to! They aren't just ammune to everything because they have some power!

Freakin politicians think they can do whatever the hell they want.

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13-After their spelling errors made me twitch, I then checked this person's profile and I saw that this person is 22 and not 5. I'm now under the impression that they are mentally handicapped, and therefore I will not correct them.

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The grammar Nazis are outnumbered by the illiterate Allied forces. Muahahahahahhaaaaa!

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I don't think even grammar nazi's could fix this disaster. I must admit the funniest part of this comment were the continuous spelling mistakes.

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I agree what you did was the right thing.. He is no better then anyone else.. Good job!!

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That's a dilemma for sure. Enforce laws which were made by corrupt politicians, or enforce a law on a politician (who is probably corrupt since he is a politician).

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Its true his spelling is terrible but, he makes a good point.

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3... Gave you a thumbs up. ( rational comment is rational) Though I must say, my IQ dropped a bit after reading that.

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43- you made it past "choise"?! lol

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55 - plural "s" on Nazis with an apostrophe?? Maybe sweep in front of yours own door first, hm? Agreed though, at 22 and as a native one should expect better. Maybe the Spelling Bee wasn't her strong point and she's good at math... OP did nothing wrong, I agree!

That is disgusting. He killed someone and got a fine? He should have been jailed for man slaughter.

cptmorgan6 8

#212- Nowhere did I say I was perfect. Nor did I correct the commenter. All I said was that the spelling mistakes made the comment funny. I was never great at grammar, but I have a general idea of how to write properly. So think before you go attacking someone who did nothing wrong.

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I agree dont attack someone cuz they can spell...

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Also, no apostrophe in "Nazis," as "Nazi's" is possessive. Oh, and it's capitalized. -Der Fuhrer of Grammar

263- you are correct, but I would like to point out that it would be Fuehrer, as an "e" would take the place of the missing umlaut.

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212 while you're attacking someone for spelling/grammar mistakes, maybe you should check your own as well. You should have said "your own" not "yours own". Let's look like a know-it-all bitch, eh?

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*immune *enforce *applies *choice

Riight. Because no one will find it strange or make the connection...

Yeah, what if there was a fire? If OP hadn't had the car towed, the firefighters wouldn't be able to get to the fire hydrant. Then there would be even more problems!

Don't forget to sharpie a giant "?" on the bag first though. But, yes, OP did nothing wrong and I just hope she isn't attacked/fired for that.

Apologize to the mayor and tell him you was just doing your job and didn't know it was his car! Problem solved! NEXT

yeahh umm if i was op i would garage sale all my stuff and make a run for another state.

My bad i meant governor, I hope you guys could fine a place in your heart to forgive me :(

56, my heart didn't park in front of a fire hydrant, so I'm not going to fine it.

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A law broken is a law broken. Governor or not.

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The Rule of Law, everyone is equal before the law and no one is above it

Rule of Law is one of my favourite principles.

You're wrong, 111. Sergio Flores is above the law.

And Chuck Norris. What no more Chuck Norris jokes? Eesh, what a world we live in.

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the fire hydrant thanks you. you now are known as a hero in hydrant communities.

You did the right thing. What makes the governor so special as to allow them to illegally park their vehicle, causing a safety hazard? Remember, you serve the people, not their politicians. Also, if that were me, I'd feel pretty badass about it.

Congratulations on owning the governor, you have earned two internets for that. The guy could be the emperor of the universe; if the law forbids parking next to hydrants, then the vehicle has to be towed. Just because the guy you had towed was the governor doesn't mean he deserves special treatment like that. He's just as accountable as anyone.

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Yea just like when Arnold got a ticket for parking in a handicapped parking in California, it's a mala prohibita law, serves that douche right fore thinking he's higher than the law, governor smoverner!

Just two internets, you cheap bastard? OP did good!...of course it sounded like she didn't know it was the governor's car until AFTER she had it towed, but still has to count for something.

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You're definitely going to get the electric chair for this one. You're ******, go ahead and write out your will, cause you're going down. If anything he'll make you his assistant for doing such a great job and making him payback a small fraction of what he's stolen from your paycheck.

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Do you get payed for your comments?

every1luvsboners 11

Payed? What's that? Ohhhhhh, you mean I don't, but if you could work something out with the FML gods I would greatly appreciate it.

ugottaluvme 0

K ill work on that. Also, i did mean paid. Sorry about that