By ricksterile - 29/10/2011 00:44 - United States

Today, we were playing dodgeball at school. I tried to duck and jump around so the idiots on the other team couldn't nail me with the ball. Mid-jump, it tore through the air and smashed straight into my ballsack, sending me curling into a fetal position on the floor. I feel like I got sterilized. FML
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gonna ice my balls on my couch..

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**** you combo breaking as son of a bitch. Sorry I'm such a grouch.

I'll vouch for everyone that we all hate #19.

That SHOULD say, "combo breaking ass son of a bitch" but my phone doesn't like it when I use bad words. **** my phone!

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Playing dodge ball is what separates the boys from the men

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i can vouch that i am a grouch when i slouch on the couch and hit my pouch and scream OUCH!!! actually i say "****" but that's irrelevant.

@43- thats if the ball hits at the right place, otherwise its what separates men from women

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I don't have balls, but I feel bad for op... Hopefully he can still have kids.

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God damn, I didn't read the other comments before I posted. I was in a rush. And I too will hate myself for being such a dumbass.

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And I was actually enjoying the rhyiming that was going on... :( and poor op! I love dodge ball but i dont like when people get hurt while playing it :(

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Haha dodgeball the movie is so kick ass. Imma go watch it...

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So did that guy get any points?

That is... *puts on sunglasses* painful. Expected a pun huh? :P

YDI. One for calling all the other people idiots like a judgemental twat, and two for attempting to jump over a dodgeball. If it is coming at you, unless it's low, you don't jump. Especially if it's ball sack high WHILE you're jumping, you can't jump over that shit. Dodge to the side.

126, not really. I was actually hoping you'd put the sun glasses on because you were about to leave, but it seems you didn't.

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82- I can only forgive you if you tell me that you're a Habs fan.

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Ydi for being at school on a Saturday...

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There's your problem OP, you forgot the 5 D's of dodgeball: Dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge. I don't see shit in there about jumping.

if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball !

You gotta hide behind other people too occasionally, also you said dodge twice #85

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No "The balls in your court" joke?! Wow... I'm a little disappointed...

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It's from the movie Dodgeball, to say dodge twice.

"the idiots on the other team" thAt was unnecessary

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12, Although that was said in zombieland, 3 wasn't referring to that movie, it's a dodgeball reference.

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Are they still playing dodgeball in middle and high schools? I hated that. Middle school dodge ball was humiliating even if you were good at it... luckily when I was in high school we never played it.

At my school, we play it just for fun if it is too cold out. Our class just makes teams and stays inside so we don't have to stand in the -10 Celsius weather

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I freaking loved that game! Or the modified and slightly more awesome warball.

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I freaking loved that game! Or the modified and slightly more awesome warball.

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106- We did when I was in middle school but, we didn't when I was in high school. I liked it when I was little. But, I didn't when I was older.

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LIES! It actually sounds quite enjoyable.

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I guess deadshot's being hired to hit kids in the nuts now huh?

sounds like he got... *puts on sunglasses* penile-ized YEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH

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This sounds like it would be more epic in slow motion

#160 yeah, super slo-mo, and watch the expressions on the OP's face as the ball hits and his nuts get squished...

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Maybe instead of jumping around like you're a ballerina , you should be trying to take the other team out. You may think that you're a total badass jumping and dodging, but you're just exposing your snowglobes more.

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I hate the ******* who stand in the back and just try to dodge, they contribute nothing to their team

Haha 14 - your pic is so suitable for this FML :D