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By Anonymous - 28/10/2011 23:39 - United States

Today, I went over to my friend's house. We were teasing each other, when she stood up and began to jokingly walk away. Trying to be cute, I tried to pull her onto my knee. I miscalculated and she ended up sitting right on my boner. FML
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Hahaha, that must've been awkward...


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Hahaha, that must've been awkward...

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I'd be worried that he broke his bone...

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It wasn't awkward, she "fell" onto your boner, ie slowly lowered herself onto it... Mmm... Hope nobody is fapping to this FML o.O

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28, where there's a slightly sexual FML, there's at least 50 guys fapping to it.

In Oklahoma nothing is awkward. (For those of you who didn't guess I'm from Oklahoma)

Yeah 10 is probably in a high school medical program, so that you can be a certified nurse's bitch, or just so that he can prepare himself for college.

dude, don't play the homophobe card. sure, there's some homophobic morons here, but you're gettin' down voted cause you're flirting with people here. doesn't matter what gender, it's just annoying. :))

Teasing each other? Boner? We both know you're more than just friends.

I love gay people, but I have no respect for homosexuals who play the homophobe card, nor do I have respect for African American's who play the race card. It's the 21st century, quit being a whiney bitch, not everyone likes everyone, that's just life.

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More like everything is awkward so, nothing seems awkward.

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66- African Americans and homosexuals are not... never mind. I've seen your comments. Why bother.

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74, why bother putting that much of a comment only to say " never mind." Keyman puts shit how it is and has the balls to say it. Don't put him down cause you don't like hearing the truth.

no it wasn't justified. you're not gonna get lynched on a website, and even if you were, you'd think that'd give you the idea to not be so blatant about it, right? just lay off playing the victim and use eharmony for the flirting and it's all good, mate

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Look here hot dog dude, people have no respect for gays who play the homophobe card. PERIOD. END OF STORY. Leave the flirting to the dating sites. Peace out sista fran

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Ya know, I don't mind gay people as long as they don't try pushing all their shit on ppl who don't want it. You think that people are judging you, but you dont really have a right to come on here and hit on people and then complain about getting thumbed down. It's uncomfortable for some people so stop being such a puss. It's a website, of course someone is gonna judge you for being different. What did you expect?

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If u wanna be gay, cool, but the majority of society is straight, which means that straight couples are more common. Truth is gay is a minority so youre gonna have to put up with it. And I don't really give a shit about your love life since this whole thing is irrelevant to the FML, you just went and got all butt hurt for getting thumbed down... haha butt hurt. Get over yourself bro

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I see a new version of "sitting on the toilet" coming, except it's about boners.

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Not sure about that 39. I can't tell people I have a lady boner without it getting weird. Some people just don't appreciate compliments. :c

it's worse when it happens with your ex-girlfriend

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@29 with all the internet **** content you really think anyone "faps" to fml? that's more sad than the guy whose family caught him watching midget ****

The real question is way the heck you even had a boner.

Sittin on the boner! Sittin on the boner!

Its all fun and games, until somone gets a boner..

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This is incredible! I've finally seen an FML from Oklahoma! Now to find one from north dakota.

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I'd take advantage of that if I wasn't married ; but from the sound of it seems she didn't seem too welcome to it yet

Place hands on waist. Pull onto knee. Recalculating... Push towards knee before she lands on your dick. Recalculating. Fatal error. Go back to start point and try again.

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it sounds like you both were being cute and flirty.. although was probably awkward, i would no consider your life is "******" from this situation... maybe something good come out of it ;) jaja

Must be more than just friends if you got a boner...

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Your a idiot....... Its spelled "to"

^ don't correct people's grammar if you can't properly use it yourself. It's "YOU'RE AN idiot" ..

Not to mention the 'it's' and the fact that the right 'too' was used.

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No, she used the word "too" correctly. She used it to describe something that is excessive.

And, if you have the word "a" before a word that starts with a vowel, it turns into "an". Example: "You're an idiot."

............oh gosh........well. No more cuteness for awhile, eh?

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How exactly were you teasing eachother?

Ouch, that sucks. Must have been awkward after that.

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That he gets a boner from her beautiful house?

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"ooooh ya baby your house.... it's magical. mmm look at those double paned windows... ya thats what i like, i like em thick ya. crown molding awww **** ya. are those shingles foreign? you know i like the curves of foreign shingles. awwww ya look how small and tight the hallways are shiiiiiiiiiitttttt!!!!" ******

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I feel like thats basically how it went down.

It's always a compliment to know people like how you've decorated.

I don't think I've laughed at anything on FML harder than flockz's comment there.

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36, what made your comment even better was imagining your pic saying it.

Well she probably knew anyway I mean a while back I started talking to my friends and they said when I was with them doing whatever, they could tell I had one. I mean Its not that weird once they know. One was totally cool with it. Just make the best of it and it will all turn out fine ;)

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well that jesture wasn't cute. hopefully she didnt think the size of your shlong was cute either, or you're double ******.

I think in this situation, OP would not mind being "double ******".