By hopefulanonymous - 20/11/2009 16:01 - United States

Today, I dropped off a box for my sister at her job. In a rush, I unknowingly parked in a reserved spot. When I got back to my car, I saw that my car was being towed. After successfully flirting myself out of an expensive towing bill, I backed into the pole behind me, leaving a noticeable dent. FML
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"successfully flirting" lol you shagged him in the parking lot, didn't you?

based on the whorish way you got yourself out of that ticket, i'm guessing that wasn't the first time you "backed into a pole"


"successfully flirting" lol you shagged him in the parking lot, didn't you?

There is ONLY 1 kind of succesful flirting Flirting that you score at the end of it, if you dont score your flirting has failed. For all the retards and minors on this site, scoring means getting laid. Thankyou for your time.

Pretty sure successful flirting just means you succeeded in getting the other person interested in you, in this case interested enough to let her off the parking violation.

I dont think somebody who doesnt know what scoring is will know what getting laid is

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I always thought scoring was a French kiss

Hahahaha!!! YDI, but thanks for making my day. ;)

lol @ #1... i also would love to know what "successful flirting" means here.

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That she flirted enough to get him to do a fovor for the nice pretty girl. The favor was letting her off. She possibly got his number which she never intends to use

How is this an FML? People keep embellishing their stories to make them sound less their fault or more interesting. Dropping off the package and almost getting towed had nothing to do with this FML. This is basically "Today I backed into a pole. FML"

I think the fact that she got into a bad situation, and was able to use her charms to get out of it and the get into another bad situation is the fml. That feeling of success has been crushed. That's very fml.

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the story is basically unrelated to the FML..

Well, if you "unknowingly" parked in a reserved spot, then backed in to a pole, I really suggest they revoke your license. Seriously - first time, it's just a pole, but the second time it will probably be a mammal or large reptilian creature.

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So you basically whored yourself out of a towing fee. You should be SO proud of yourself.