By ohemgee - 11/03/2010 03:03 - United States

Today, I got a call from a police department saying that if I didn't move my car from a store's parking lot within the next 15 minutes, they were going to tow it and charge me for the fee. I was at work and the reason I parked it there is because it started smoking and almost caught fire. FML
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What the fuck if your car lights on fire don't just move it extinguish it you dumb sack of shit

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Why would you leave your car in a random parking lot while it's all smokey and go to work? shouldn't you have called a tow company or your insurance or something. really now Ydi


I like trains.

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BECAUSE ppl cheese is good.... morons

Alright, for the mentally challenged: OP was driving their car when it started to smoke and they assumed it would catch on fire at any given moment. OP left car in front of (irrelevant store) parking lot. OP went to work without their car. (probably couldn't call off work/needed the money/didn't have the money to tow/repair their car) Po'po (or some snitch) noticed the car hadn't moved since OP parked it there. (store parking lot) Po'po decided to warn OP of possible tow (via phone) OP assumes they cannot move said car due to unknown mechanical failures.. hence, "FML" -MaD-

ydi for not putting coolant in your car for a long time. you can't expect anyone allow you to hinder his or her business just because you're irresponsible.

not very good FMLs today, it still moves right?

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Ydi for still being a smoker.

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Mr. Mad is a HERO! epic

umm if my car smoked i wouldnt move it because heat and gasoline dont mix

and that's wy we hate cops

his car was smoking not him dumb shit

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We hate cops because they protect people's rights? Parking lots are not public property, and he had no right to leave it there. He's lucky he even got a call, honestly. If someone parks in my parking lot I don't call the cops. I call the towing company.

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Did u get in trouble?

he is lucky that the police told him instead of just towing it

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what is yourcar made of paper smothered on gasoline?

Your lack of punctuation made this a particularly annoying comment to read.

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i dont get it...?

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my cat started smoking today too

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if the OP can't explain the "smoking car" properly, I wonder how she went past highschool and got a job. Lousy recruiters!

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I'm having a hard time quitting smoking too :/

What the fuck if your car lights on fire don't just move it extinguish it you dumb sack of shit

i laughed my ass off. great comment

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Clearly someone doesn't know the most common thing that makes a car smoke... I'm a girl and I know that. Jeez.

Wait. I'm feeling dumb. Was it the store or the car that almost caught fire?

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ahah that's shity and cops are goofs yo!

this is just stupid

op is a waste of life.... and #1. people in the pic... one awsome. :] the other is in bright pink, :[ but op. plz. go sit in your burning car an for next time. please.