By Anonymous - 09/04/2013 18:01 - United States

Today, at work as a gynecologist, I called in my last patient of the day. As soon as I took a peek, I noticed that she had stuck googly-eyes above her vagina. She told me with a straight face not to be afraid, because "She doesn't bite." FML
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BigShOtz07 5

This reminds me of the movie Teeth *shutters*

That reminds me of cows *udders*.


BigShOtz07 5

This reminds me of the movie Teeth *shutters*

That reminds me of window coverings. *shudders*

That reminds me of cows *udders*.

Th-th-that reminds me of... st-st-*stutters*

Best comments ever

TwiztedYuri 9

which reminds me of uuuuunnnhhhh... "nutted"

This reminds me of birds, "flutters"

Bloodjoker 11


Wizardo 33

Reminds me of an old car *sputters*

pkom96 5

That reminds me of my clogged up *gutters*

That reminds me of hoarders *Clutters

That reminds me of meat *apples*

Wizardo 33

Remind me of rain *patters*

reminds me of the top bunk...*ladders*

That reminds me of deep fryers. *batters*

Roskosity 22

That reminds me of paint. *Splatters*

That reminds me of glass. *shatters*

I work at a haberdashery. *hatters*

That reminds me of physics *matters*

Wizardo 33

Reminds me of jizz *wankers*

Reminds me of when I start talking to myself *mutters*

That reminds me of airplanes *rudders*

H-H-Hey is I-it c-cold in here *shivers*

That reminds me of when I patted that lion, "tatters"

Reminds me of golf gear. *putters*

Reminds me of some FML users, "nutters"

Reminds me of some FML users, "nutters"

flockz 19

this entire thread reminds me of repetitive dubstep. *wubbers*

C-C-C-Combo Breaker! No? Ok.

That reminds me of safe sex. *rubbers*

That reminds me of my lack of *lovers*

That reminds me of that time I got robbed *muggers*

That reminds me of the time I found some land *lubbers*

BradTheBrony 19

That reminds me of how I like my toast. With *butter*

Klavier 5

That reminds me if me. *chatters*

This reminds me of my dog *Sawyer*.

That reminds me of science *aperture*

It diesnt bite It only sucks

2, a vagina doesn't suck on it's own, lol that would be very very odd!

Grauncho 27

You remind me of a thirteen year old self described "sexpert"

WrongRomance 11

Aw, firepanda11... I really hope you at least aren't female yourself

If my vagina sucked, my periods would be even more difficult.

AliceLockehart 18

Why is this an FML? That's awesome! I thought so anyway. It could have been worse, much worse. Like if she hadn't showered in a few weeks or her vagina was prolapsed. Or had teeth. Eurgh.

i guess there isn't protocol for this

Oh yeah they do. There's an entire class for future dentists on how to deal with vaginas spontaneously growing eyes. It's a rampant disease now and days.

Bloodjoker 11

Why would they teach dentists this? Are they gonna teach the gynecologist about it like a mentor?

I was being sarcastic. Since when is there a disease for googly eyes spawning on vaginas?

Maybe she mistook you for a dentist? Vagina dentata! Watch out!

i bet you see some crazy shit as a gynecologist. pps erryday

Lmao. Don't look into the googly eyes or you will die.

Calculate900 4

That's really awesome. I imagine it broke up the monotony.

Yeah, exactly. I don't see how your life sucks, I'd say you now have a memory you can carry around and laugh at whenever you're feeling down. Your life's been enriched, even if it was in a rather strange way haha

It doesn't say whether the OP is a man or a girl, and, even if it did, we wouldn't know if they think of their job in an unprofessional way

For the unproffessional it's all fun and games until the blue waffle comes in..

dreamtosing 15

Well did it?

"When it rains, it pours". --Line from "Teeth".

I guess I should have explained myself better. I was saying that line in reference to all the silly comments alluding to the movie, "Teeth".

Feeeeeeeed meeeeeeee Seeeymour!

Clearly she intends to deceive you. Never break eye-contact with a vagina, not even once. Everyone knows that.

They can attack in the blink of a googly eye.

Geometric 18

Don't blink. Don't even blink. Blink and you're dead. Don't turn your back. Don't look away. And don't blink. - The Doctor

jlynn11 1

#124 Best comment ever!

She gave you the eye, that's for sure.

the eye of sauron?

Try this one at your next proctology visit ;)

"Don't worry. It'll give your finger back."

#47 If it were up to me, I would have given her a free visit.