By cocacola999 - 03/05/2014 10:38 - United Kingdom

Today, I was at a party. Trying to overcome my social anxiety, I was trying to take part in conversations. So, when a girl mentioned she had a doctor's appointment next morning, I blurted out: "What kind of a doctor?" Everyone stared as she responded: "A gynaecologist." FML
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That's when you offer to help get her loose and ready beforehand

Now only to over come awkwardness and awkward silence.


That's when you offer to help get her loose and ready beforehand

what do you suggest she uses on her?

Well that escalated quickly.

That would just make it more awkward, OP is a girl

Who the hell came up with the whole "vaginas become loose after sex" bullshit? Vaginas go back to normal size after birth. That little toothpick you call your penis (Which OP likely doesn't even have) doesn't do anything to the size of it.

Billie why so bent out of shape over a comment? lol maybe you need a toothpick inside you in order to losen up.

#57 she could offer her a hand to loosen up

57- Perhaps a Pabst beer before her pap smear.

#65.. Lesbians exist. We aren't unicorns.

True, though it was kind of odd for #1 to just assume OP is a lesbian since the odds are relatively low.

How do you know OPs a girl?

Look up in the upper left hand corner next to the title of the FML, if on mobile device...

Unicorns exist. I refuse to believe any different.

Now only to over come awkwardness and awkward silence.

ask her if you can help her study for her gyno exam

Oh gosh. It happens to the best of us though mate. No worries.

yeah stay away from her :p

I was thinking more the second one, but I was more flustered that he'd said that.

I agree with #1... you'll feel comfortable sooner or later.

Smooth, you should have finished with, "Why go to the doctor; when I can check for you tonight!" ;)

Don't forget to mention that appointments with you are much more affordable OP. :)

because OP is a girl.

#74- And your point is???

That would be great #7 if OP was a guy :p Which she is not.

Everyone has those moments, just keep trying and you'll get better at it.

It's all right, that would have been WAY more awkward and worse if you were a guy

OP says nothing about his/her gender

It shows the female symbol beside OPs user name

The OPs gender symbol is on the app and the website

Her gender is displayed next to her name..

How many more ways can we say OP is a female until you think he finally gets it? Lol

OP is a person of the non-male gender. See, 39? There was at least one more way.

OP does not have a male sex organ. Also OP can procreate with someone of the male gender.

Agreed, but sometimes a little YOLO goes a long way. Being fully serious about it though, you have to want to have a good time and commit!!

is there a way I can downvote more than once? I don't feel giving one downvote per person is enough for yolo being used

I would have asked the same thing haha