By saywhat - United States - Yakima
  Today, I refused to go down on my boyfriend of 9 months. He then shoved me off the couch and, half crying, yelled that I was the third girl this week to turn him down. After sobbing for a bit, he looked me in the eyes and said, "I need you to do this so I can prove my manhood." FML
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1.) he cheated (or tried cheating), which should definitely take away man cards.
and 2.) he's whining and crying about a blowjob like a little bitch.

OP, your boyfriend sounds like he's 12. and he cheated/tried cheating. he's obviously a shit bag, and you should probably dump him.

  dinosaurzombie  |  14

Pun intended or not? ^

  Zyzz7  |  12

I know in this case the boyfriend is an asshole, but in more general terms, why would you refuse to give your boyfriend of 9 months a blowjob?

  jagott2  |  8

Just exactly are the other girls slags in your mind?

For those who don't know slag is a slang word meaning slut commonly used in Britain.

So by your thinking if a guy goes up to a girl and propositions her she's a slut if she says no? I bet she's also a slut if she says yes or if she oh I don't know has the nerve to walk around with a vagina.

Seriously, what does it take for a girl to not be a slut according to your incredibly mature and intelligent 17 year old logic? Should she wear a bag over her head, 10 layers of clothing, never leave the house, and run away if anyone of the opposite gender looks like they're about to speak to her?

  Wizardo  |  33

Aah, bloody hell I'm trying to give OP some ammunition to get rid of her boyfriend cos he's ridiculous and I'm trying to slag him off to, guys let's avoid a fire war; its FML here for Pete's sake, not Question Time.

  9lashes  |  15

-64 yes you are correct (: but as 113 explained it was just a joke dont feel bad though its hard to detect how things are meant on here sometimes (:

By  hordriss  |  14

What a case he made for himself! Jeez, fucktards like him give blokes a bad name. I'd ditch him if I were you, he's clearly a cheating bastard and not at all serious about a relationship with you.