By saywhat - 09/04/2013 11:05 - United States - Yakima

Today, I refused to go down on my boyfriend of 9 months. He then shoved me off the couch and, half crying, yelled that I was the third girl this week to turn him down. After sobbing for a bit, he looked me in the eyes and said, "I need you to do this so I can prove my manhood." FML
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Sounds like he doesn't even have a manhood to begin with.

Third girl that week to deny him a BJ? I think there is something he isn't telling you.


Sounds like he doesn't even have a manhood to begin with.

Well he has no pride as a man to begin with from the rest of this FML so I don't know what he's trying to prove

MermaidAnnariea 10

seriously. 1.) he cheated (or tried cheating), which should definitely take away man cards. and 2.) he's whining and crying about a ******* like a little bitch. OP, your boyfriend sounds like he's 12. and he cheated/tried cheating. he's obviously a shit bag, and you should probably dump him.

dinosaurzombie 14

He cheated and he's crying about a *******?? Dumb him pleaseee

Inciter 33

He's a cheating crybaby. I doubt he has any manhood at all.

I would tell him on to the fourth one!

Not to mention he shoved her off of him.

Zyzz7 12

I know in this case the boyfriend is an asshole, but in more general terms, why would you refuse to give your boyfriend of 9 months a *******?

Wizardo 33

If near rape is what he needs to prove himself then get rid off him, not to mention the other slags that he tried it with...

Bloodjoker 11

Nothing says manliness like whining and rape ^_^

bfsd42 20

What do you mean near rape? Rejection and douchebaggery, mixed with a whiny cry-baby, does not equal rape on any level.

Wizardo 33

My bad I read it wrong, I thought the wasteman pinned OP down on the couch, still however, the guy is a massive prick so same thing.

Just exactly are the other girls slags in your mind? For those who don't know slag is a slang word meaning **** commonly used in Britain. So by your thinking if a guy goes up to a girl and propositions her she's a **** if she says no? I bet she's also a **** if she says yes or if she oh I don't know has the nerve to walk around with a ******. Seriously, what does it take for a girl to not be a **** according to your incredibly mature and intelligent 17 year old logic? Should she wear a bag over her head, 10 layers of clothing, never leave the house, and run away if anyone of the opposite gender looks like they're about to speak to her?

Wizardo 33

Aah, bloody hell I'm trying to give OP some ammunition to get rid of her boyfriend cos he's ridiculous and I'm trying to slag him off to, guys let's avoid a fire war; its FML here for Pete's sake, not Question Time.

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Hiimhaileypotter 52

#121- But we don't know if the girls did mess around with him. He says they DENIED him ********. So for all we know, that's all he asked for and they didn't fool around with him.

I agree. #108 you need to calm your **** gurl!!

nikcruise3271 6

This escalated way to quickly

I shall take it upon myself to de-escalate the situation. Puppies.

Third girl that week to deny him a BJ? I think there is something he isn't telling you.

Is that how those fires started on your head?

Those are candy they're horns not fire...

What are you talking about? he just did

Why does it say I'm correct and thumbed down while the other is incorrect and thumbed up? Seems legit

SeedlessMe 13

Lmao @ 64.. I was just wondering that same thing. Idk wtf is going on here -_-

It's because 20 is trying to be funny and then you had to be all serious. We know its candy corn, it was just a joke.

9lashes 15

-64 yes you are correct (: but as 113 explained it was just a joke dont feel bad though its hard to detect how things are meant on here sometimes (:

blink_kid 32

Yeah, or he forgot you're his girlfriend or something. Easily done.

Metal_Avenger 9

I thought Elephant-trunk hats were phased out..?

That's what happens when you have a 9-month-old boyfriend...

It's a miracle she understands him in the first place, unless he's like a stewie griffin kind of case

6-12 month olds shove every thing in their mouths!

Squeeze one of his balls as hard as possible. If he cries, no manhood. :-)

:| Looks like it's time to go bra shopping..

7: So I should torture my girlfriend excruciatingly because she cheated? Your logic is impeccable!

twaumat 28

7. you are a moron, get one of your nuts squeezed and lets see if you'll still be a man.

If he needs to be unfaithful to prove his manhood, it's long gone.

What a case he made for himself! Jeez, fucktards like him give blokes a bad name. I'd ditch him if I were you, he's clearly a cheating bastard and not at all serious about a relationship with you.

Wow, only little boys treat women like that.

Unfortunately, grown men acting like little boys also treat women like that.

My bad.. Autocorrect. And that makes no sense to me..

He's trying to say YOU'RE a moron, and YOUR grammar is poor. Got it?

9lashes 15

-12 smh you're meaning you are and your meaning possession of. Ex: That's your phone. You're retarded.

I'm so sorry.. I didn't realise we were in English class.

Nuh swett brah jus goe bak 2 ur swagyolo wayz inglsh 4 btchs n hoez NEwayz