By saywhat - / Tuesday 9 April 2013 11:05 / United States - Yakima
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1.) he cheated (or tried cheating), which should definitely take away man cards.
and 2.) he's whining and crying about a blowjob like a little bitch.

OP, your boyfriend sounds like he's 12. and he cheated/tried cheating. he's obviously a shit bag, and you should probably dump him.

  dinosaurzombie  |  14

Pun intended or not? ^

  Zyzz7  |  12

I know in this case the boyfriend is an asshole, but in more general terms, why would you refuse to give your boyfriend of 9 months a blowjob?

  jagott2  |  8

Just wondering...how exactly are the other girls slags in your mind?

For those who don't know slag is a slang word meaning slut commonly used in Britain.

So by your thinking if a guy goes up to a girl and propositions her she's a slut if she says no? I bet she's also a slut if she says yes or if she oh I don't know has the nerve to walk around with a vagina.

Seriously, what does it take for a girl to not be a slut according to your incredibly mature and intelligent 17 year old logic? Should she wear a bag over her head, 10 layers of clothing, never leave the house, and run away if anyone of the opposite gender looks like they're about to speak to her?

  Wizardo  |  33

Aah, bloody hell I'm trying to give OP some ammunition to get rid of her boyfriend cos he's ridiculous and I'm trying to slag him off to, guys let's avoid a fire war; its FML here for Pete's sake, not Question Time.

  9lashes  |  15

-64 yes you are correct (: but as 113 explained it was just a joke dont feel bad though its hard to detect how things are meant on here sometimes (:

By  hordriss  |  14

What a case he made for himself! Jeez, fucktards like him give blokes a bad name. I'd ditch him if I were you, he's clearly a cheating bastard and not at all serious about a relationship with you.


Today, my girlfriend gave me my first handjob. I was nervous, so when she went to do it, I panicked and yelled, "Firmly grasp it!" She then couldn't stop laughing because it was a line from SpongeBob. FML

By con135 - / Tuesday 13 January 2015 01:16 / United States - Farmingdale

Today, my husband and I decided to get a little frisky in bed. After we were done we lay spent on our bed then only to hear weird noises coming from our doorway. To our surprise not only had our daughter taken her first steps but has been watching and now making the noises as well. FML

By PreciousIve / Tuesday 9 June 2009 15:36 / United States
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