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Today, at my job at a frozen yogurt shop, an elderly woman gladly announced that I'd be seeing a lot of her due to the vaginal infection that she has. Thank you for that, ma'am. FML
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What does frozen yogurt have to do with vaginal infections?

Apparently, it can be applied topically to treat yeast infections. Sorry guys but he asked.


What does frozen yogurt have to do with vaginal infections?

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Apparently, it can be applied topically to treat yeast infections. Sorry guys but he asked.

The live cultures in yogurt help prevent and treat vaginal infections caused by bacteria.

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Not sure how much of the info is accurate, but yogurt can help maintain a vaginal pH level. All I did was look it up online, as the older woman may have done as well. It's said that the women who ate yogurt with active cultures had a lower pH balance and a lower risk of infections than the women who did not. So, there you have it.

That's absolutely true #18 but that's because of what people were saying before. Antibiotics wipe out all the bacteria in your body including good bacteria. Some people lack those good bacterial naturally but either way it can cause infection because your PH is off (too basic I believe). Sorry to get disgusting but I'm a vegan and everytime I get sick and need to take antibiotics, I put veganism on a hold and buy some plain Greek yogurt.

ColonelCusswords 24

Sometimes I wish science didnt explain things to me...

I did not want to read #12 while I eat yogurt. Too late. Lunch is ruined hahah

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The question is, at what temperatures do the bacteria cultures in yoghurt survive and thrive? I highly doubt it's freezing temperatures, so the froyo might not do her any good.

incoherentrmblr 21

I don't think that yogurt will be frozen any longer...

Actually, 53, believe it or not, bacteria isn't killed by freezing temperature. It is preserved. That's why when it's cold out, it's easier to get sick. Once the bacteria enters your warm bloodstream, it unfreezes and attacks your weakened immune system.

Most people EAT the yogurt lol. But apparently you can apply it directly. I guess I wasn't clear on that haha

#13 Chubby hubby and phish food (and yes I spelled it right) are flavors of Ben and Jerry's ice cream. Not yogurt.

I knew this would be the first thing someone said

Yogurt has healthy bacteria. So if she's taking antibiotics, she'd be looking to replace that. What she apparently missed is that frozen yogurt isn't yogurt just frozen. It has a lot more added sugar and a lot fewer good nutrients

Don't know why everyone's getting so grossed out. It's good to know and really no different than treating any other kind of infection.

It's An Old Urban Legend That Yogurt Fixes It.

#87 it's not an urban legend. They just don't know if eating yogurt can cure a yeast infection but there's no doubt that yogurt can help restore the health of your lady bits. :P

I'm a vegan, and there is soy yogurt with the same bacteria in it.

I understand what somebody could negatively rate this.. its funny!

I'm right there with you #38. I learned way too much on this thread.

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Im not sure if it has anything to do with the infection itself But Cheese and dairy promote a more basic/alcaline ph environment -Meats promote a more acidic ph btw I think most bacteria and yeast prefer the more basic ph?... The probiotics usually affect the stomach, im not sure how much the vaginal area is affected though o3o Trivia: You can even slightly influence the gender of your child with your diet Since male and female spermlings differ in resistance (vaginal fluids act as a weaker spermicide) and speed :D

Old ladies have been on a mean streak lately on this site

ColonelCusswords 24

#25 I know right?! Theyre planning something...

SemiAuto 21

That woman is the yeast of OP's problems.

#25 right? Old ladies are crazy, but they've definitely been on an excessive tear lately

Sun_Kissed18 25

@41 No, seriously, that was one of my worst days at work (it actually happened a couple weeks ago). The credit card machine went down, rude customers, the inappropriate old lady...

Frozen yogurt makes everything better

SalviBarbie 15

Just you might not want to know the 'everything'..

What does she plan on doing with that frozen yogurt? O.O

This might sound weird but I think she will eat it

PresidentNorth 16

Actually some women insert it into their ****** to help treat the yeast infection faster. No I'm not joking, and I'm sure this isn't something you really wanted to know, but you did ask. ;)

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Wouldn't she want to see a gynecologist for that?

A doctor probably mentioned using yogurt or ice cream to treat her vaginal infection.

I doubt they suggested ice cream to treat it, but suggesting to eat yogurt is plausible. It helps restore good bacteria that antibiotics (which she's probably using to treat the infection) wipe out.

cadillacgal79 32

I would think normal yogurt would do more good than frozen.

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Be nice, maybe she'll remember you in her will.

I'm not sure on this one, but I don't think that's how it works...

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I'm not a specialist but, I'm not sure that's the cure

Not sure why you're being voted down, you're right. Most yogurt does not have LIVE bacterial cultures. My guess is that frozen yogurt had less. And the fact that its full of sugar is even more counter productive. Sugar = infection food.

It's more of a treatment than a cure.

she sounds like a lovely person to be seeing often

Why are old people so gross sometimes? >.