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Today, at work a lady asked for a burrito, large coke, and hot sauce. While repeating back the order, the words got stuck and I accidentally said large cock. I got written up for being inappropriate. FML
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See? Not all women want a large ****. Take that, ****! Hah!

Did someone overhear or did she complain? Either way FYL!

I feel you OP. I was carrying a caesar and salmon salad once, and asked who ordered the semen salad. We all mess up.

That's ridiculous. More than once, back in the day at Blockbuster Video, I said to a customer "Would you like to add a Coke and Cockporn....<sigh> a Coke and Popcorn for $1.99?" It was an honest tongue tied accident, everybody knew it, and it shouldn't be taken as an offense.

Coke & Cockporn is from now on my favorite tongue twister. & it sounds like an awesome band name.

sorry you got in trouble. This day and age everyone gets offended about everything. It was an honest mistake.

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I'm good I got my own big **** to play with.

You mean she didn't want a large chicken burrito?

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wow I know that I would city if I was in your position


I used to work with a lady from the Philippines who would complain about how other Asians said coke; "It's pronounced ****! ****!"