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Today, while at work, a rather large woman came in and ordered a cheeseburger. When asking if she would like to supersize it, she took her purse, smacked me, and told me she wasn't fat, and how rude I was for calling her supersized. I was just doing my job. FML
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thought mcdonalds doesn't have supersize any more due to the movie supersize me.

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Should have, "Ma'am, if I were callin you fat, I would have used a word other than supersized, such as 'Jesusfuckcanyoufitanymorefatinthatass sized'.


wildbillpb 0

thought mcdonalds doesn't have supersize any more due to the movie supersize me.

I was about to say "They still have that option in Canada" but then I noticed OP was from Arizona.

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umm that movie didn't change anything lol

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YacL- That option isn't available where I live in Canada but it may be different for you I guess. Also, the OP never specified this to be a McDonalds. Perhaps there could be other stores that have options for supersizing?

But Burger King would be "King-sized"... maybe it was A&W... or maybe it was McDonald's. I guess we'll never know.

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Wow maybe she should skip a meal

I could be wrong, but I think after the movie, the worker at mcd's weren't able to ask people for the supersize option, but that it was still availiable if the customer asked for it.

The term "supersize" was copyrighted by McDonald's. They ended it, but no other company can or does use the term.

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Well did she supersize it or not?

Actually tons of companies can and do use the term because Mcdonalds has no way to enforce that or prove the companies may be doing it intentionally. Just because something is copyrighted does not mean anyone can enforce it.

Wowserzz. People these days are really starting to lose there damn minds. How can she get offended by you doing your job?

ya shouldve been like do you want me to mega super ******* size this meal bitch!?

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Should have, "Ma'am, if I were callin you fat, I would have used a word other than supersized, such as 'Jesusfuckcanyoufitanymorefatinthatass sized'.

or 'holyshitwhyisthereaplanetinsidemyrestaurantsized'

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Jesus's name wasn't meant to be used that way

"But yes, I would like it super-sized"

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Ahahaha. That's probably exactly how it happened. Although she must not have gotten fat from fast food places or she would know they always ask if you want to upgrade. Or she was just having a bad and/or insecure day and decided to be a douche canoe.

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If she got offended by that, obviously she knows she's fat. then, she should be on a diet, not getting burgers.

FYL op! quit your job and find a better one! I bet that woman is the kind of person to get a double quarter pounder with cheese, large fries and a DIET Coke cause they want to watch their calorie intake >__< on top of that she went to a fast food place! WTF did she expect?!

"Excuse me can I have 5 Big Macs 3 nugget combos and 5 Large fries, but make those drinks diet cokes I am trying to lose weight"

shannon6 3

Why would you NOT get a diet coke? If you're already going to splurge and eat a burger and fries, you can spare yourself 300 additional calories that would come in a large coke by drinking a diet. Dieting is one thing but if you're eating regularly it's still nice to make a few adjustments to keep yourself from looking like angry bag lady in the post :)

47 it's simply a joke for when people order a shit ton of fast food, then ask for a diet coke because they claim they are trying to lose weight.

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lol I know but I figured I'd just throw my two cents in :) Thanks.

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Diet drinks are worse for you anyway. Filled with aspartame which is a neurotoxic synthetic chemical.

shannon6 3

True, unless you get the kind that substitues Splenda instead. As bad as it sounds though I think I'd rather drink chemicals and be skinny than drink regular soda and be fat. Although all soda is pretty much chemicals and therefore bad for you. Supposedly everything is bad for you or causes cancer these days though.

fat bitches know they are gross. You should have charged her with assault.

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God, I hate how fat people are so sensitive about their weight, but they don't try to fix it. Unless it's caused by some sort of disease or something... Then Nevermind.

Okay, this is kinda irritating me now, I would PM you but I'm on the app. Is that a picture of Mikami?

You should have called the police or at least refused her service.

that's when you spit in her burger. have you never seen clerks 2 op? you have ye power of controlling a persons food, now abuse that power for the right reason.