By lolwtfbbq444 - 15/01/2012 10:24 - Australia

Today, I was walking to the bus stop when someone slapped an innocent person in the face with a fish. I was that innocent person. FML
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Hahaha I'm sorry OP, but that's kinda hilarious. 1- nice one

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Was I the only one who assumed that the fish was dead?

"I was that innocent person". What a slap in the face.

Fish heads fish heads roly poly fish heads, fish heads fish heads, eat them up, yum! ^Everytime I think of fish, I think of this song. :)

The fish is probably dead so I'm gonna assume it can't feel anything.

Unless it was a sword fish then OP would of had to fight in an epic battle to defend their honor!

Imagine what the person with the fish did earlier that day to want to do that...

school bus or public bus? cause you can EXPECT stuff like that to happen on a public bus...

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It's time for a hillbilly moment!

Today, I was walking to the bus stop when someone slapped an innocent person with a fish. I was that fish. FML

Yah what makes op so innocent "today somebody picked me up and slapped me against someones face. Fmfl (f my fish life)"

I reckon the person with the fish, got the idea off jackass !

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I hope it wasnt a puffer fish!

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Smack the not-so-innocent person in the face with your fist

PETA is confused.... Is this a win or a loss :/

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This FML sounds awfully familiar......

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Talk about slapstick comedy!!:D Eh! Eh!!! No? Okay, I'll go back under my rock now.

am I the only one who thinks of Asterix&Obelix when reading that?

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How do you get slapped with a fish?

It's actually pretty easy... My family is weird -__-

It's easy. Step 1, buy/catch/find a fish. Step 2, look for somebody to slap. Step 3, slap them with the fish.

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I love becca XD It's was the ending theme for kuroshitsiji right?

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Where's Clint Eastwood and his racist remarks about asians (fish heads)

You could have just said that you got slapped in the face with a fish in the first place. Anyways, there's no reason for anyone to slap you with a fish, unless you did something first. FYL unless there is an FML telling how someone had to slap someone with a fish to stop them from robbing him/her.

Sheesh, you're going way too deep... And not in a good way. It was worded this way to make it longer and to put a tiny bit of suspense in it. As for the situation, just read it as it is. Maybe OP is a guy and was wearing a kilt... Maybe OP is a girl and had a one might stand with him. MAYBE it was an "innocent" person like the fml informed us.

What's wrong with wearing a kilt? I like kilts.

Nothing, I'm just assuming random things, too!

I think we can safely assume the fish slapper was high or drunk of both.

That's absolutely random, so you got salmon slapped?

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More like beachsalmon slapped (actual fish)

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32 - Why beachsalmon? What's the connection there? I feel like I'm missing something.

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"Beachsalmon slapped" bitch salmon slapped. Bitch slapped with a salmon. I think that's the connection you are looking for, but I may have misinterpreted.

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Ah, thanks, 55. I think I was just too used to incoherent comments from Bizarre (no offence intended), so I figured I should ask. I'll go stick my head in ice and come back when I'm fully awake.

Didn't know people would actually do that in real life...

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What a fishy situation you had happen to you.

Yea, you know OP was cod off guard by that. They probably puckered their lips as they fished for ideas as to why that happened to them!