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By  TurtlesOnFire  |  0

You could have just said that you got slapped in the face with a fish in the first place. Anyways, there's no reason for anyone to slap you with a fish, unless you did something first. FYL unless there is an FML telling how someone had to slap someone with a fish to stop them from robbing him/her.

  Awsumuzzie  |  12

Sheesh, you're going way too deep... And not in a good way. It was worded this way to make it longer and to put a tiny bit of suspense in it. As for the situation, just read it as it is. Maybe OP is a guy and was wearing a kilt... Maybe OP is a girl and had a one might stand with him. MAYBE it was an "innocent" person like the fml informed us.

  Hearon20  |  0

"Beachsalmon slapped"
bitch salmon slapped.
Bitch slapped with a salmon.
I think that's the connection you are looking for, but I may have misinterpreted.

  ShroomsOnAcid  |  16

Ah, thanks, 55. I think I was just too used to incoherent comments from Bizarre (no offence intended), so I figured I should ask. I'll go stick my head in ice and come back when I'm fully awake.