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Today, I had to call a coworker to the office via the store intercom. The damn thing didn't turn off properly and everyone heard me say, "I hate that asshole. Just be where your dumb ass should be." I realized my mistake a few seconds before my manager stormed in and threatened to fire me. FML
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And that's why you should keep your mouth shut at your job and just do your work and go home. You know most of these people are going to say YDI.


He was alone, he didn't know so he wasn't an "idiot." He was alone and he probably was muttering beneath his breath. Don't act like you don't talk about people you don't like with others. You're not perfect, so don't act like it.

In no way whatsoever was OP an idiot, his coworker was. You also cannot blame OP for being an ass, if you work with incompetent nincompoops then you're bound to get angry at them.

I just think that he should have kept that to himself, and even if he didn't, he should have been more careful

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56 I believe he kinda thought he was keeping it to himself.

I'm not acting like I'm perfect, I'm just stating my opinion

OP is most definitely an idiot. Anyone thinking otherwise is also an idiot. Learn how to use your equipment and make sure it's off before saying stupid shit, idiot.

Everyone gets caught off guard sometimes.

But thankfully, not everyone is tactless enough to sound off whenever and wherever they want.

I have seen around 40 comments with the word "tactless" are the people trying to spell "tasteless" and getting the "c" & "s" confused so spell it differently?

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Wow, someone has some anger problems. YDI

Eh, I don't think YDI. You can say whatever the hell you want by yourself. Just don't be so damn stupid about it.

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I don't think anybody would figure that the intercom next to them would still be stuck on.

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Don't call someone else a retard when you can't use proper spelling, punctuation, or capitalization.

Well #6, "ur kinda of a" genius at writing comments, eh?

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I'd say he/she is "kinda of a" jackass for trying to berate someone while sounding exponentially worse.

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What a retarded comment, 35. Seriously, no one has time for your BS, just delete your account.

#50 As a person who suffers from autism I can promise you that hearing people throw around the word "retard" can be very offensive and damaging. I can't tell you how many times it's been used in reference to me and to be quite honest when it comes up in normal conversation it can have an extremely negative effect on my ability to continue conversing normally. I'm not saying change your vocabulary entirely and never say that word again. All I'm saying is be aware of why someone might find it hurtful.

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I get it but come on, everyone knows it's offensive, that's why they use it. It's like any other curse word. They're not saying it because 6 has a mental disability (being a dumb **** ain't a mental disability per se), so there's no reason to freak out over it and start lecturing people and telling them they should never say the word. No offense but if just hearing the word "damages" someone, regardless how it's being used, that person needs to stay away from real life until they toughen up.

The issue isn't about toughening up. It's an offensive ignorant slur. I honestly really didn't think much of it when it was first said in this thread, but I felt that the person who mentioned that it was offensive in the first place shouldn't be berated for pointing that out. And sometimes, depending on the severity of your autism, autistic people have so much sensory overload it can be very difficult to focus on on what particular thing, such as holding a conversation. But when someone does use that slur while you're trying to talk to them it's like it's the only thing you can focus on anymore. The rest of what they're saying is utterly meaningless because they said the word retarded and they must have said it because they're talking to you and you're retarded. That must be what they think of you right? It's the only thing they thing about you because you are retarded. Right?

You should be a lot more careful about what you say at work. You wanna complain, save it for when you get home. YDI for being unprofessional.

You deserved it Always double check stuff like that

And that's why you should keep your mouth shut at your job and just do your work and go home. You know most of these people are going to say YDI.

At first I read this as though the intercom wasn't turning ON properly and you were angry because of that, but it doesn't seem like you had any reason to be mad. You were doing your job and if the intercom worked properly, calling somebody somewhere is just part of working with coworkers. Total YDI.

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I think you missed the point.

I got the point, OP doesn't get along with the coworker and has obviously had trouble with him in the past. That being said, you put up with minor things coworkers do because that's part of a job. So calling him somewhere isn't enough for the attitude. I would understand if the intercom wasn't working and it made him angry because he would have to go out of his way to call the coworker now, but there's no reason for him to be pissed.

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#16 I think you still missed the point. OP isn't necessarily mad that he had to use the intercom. The FML is about him getting caught ranting and cursing by the entire store. The reason for his "attitude" is because his coworker isn't where they should be, and probably more reasons we may never know. The list could go on.

I think MrConcise is saying that, even if the employee OP was calling wasn't in his proper work area, there's no reason to get that mad about it. Calling employees over from wherever they are is a part of the job.

I think you missed the point #44.