By maggie74 - 27/06/2012 04:58 - United States - Enfield

Today, I sent my boyfriend a nude picture, he sent it back to me with a mustache on my face from that iPhone app and told me he likes it much better that way. FML
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Javee 17

Can we see it? For the moustache of course *ahem*

There's something he's not telling you!!


There's something he's not telling you!!

He's a big Tom Selleck fan

Super Mario fetish. Bigger the stash the better

I think your boyfriend just told you he's gay. I am so sorry. Definitely FYL.

staches make everything funnier. you've got a man with a sense of humor! congratulations, OP!

onealmxwilson 18

I hope he put the mustache on your face, OP.

Yup he likes it in the chili ring...

He is telling OP that he is coming out of the closet or he was just being an idiot because that isn't funny to do that if nothing is there.

unknown_user5566 26

Yep, have to agree. He's not telling OP that he absolutely adores mustache rides. OP, go to a costume story, buy an old-school twirly mustache and show up at his front door. I bet you he'll be pleased. You can thank me for the amazing sex later. ;)

He might be trying to tell you something... x)

mylifesucks_fml 1

You included your face?! this is the number one reason they suggest you don't. either you end up with a mustache or your face plastered on the Internet. Smdh. shoulda listened

Which app is that?

Javee 17

Can we see it? For the moustache of course *ahem*

joee182 3

like a sir of course lol

logan1819 4

Pic or it didn't happen

Javee 17

Like a Sir indeed!

You'll have your chance as soon as they broke up..

UnprecendentedAw 0

Here's your sign...

Or maybe he is cheating on you with your evil twin!

Evil twin with a mustache, that is.

An evil twin without a mustache is no evil twin at all.

That's weird...I always thought beards were more attractive on females

Invest in a fake moustache.

Absolutely! Show up at his place wearing nothing but a long raincoat, heels, and a fake mustache. Rock his world!

Or grow a real one !

That's gross. How dare you suggest something like that...

1crabbygirl 10

That's the spirit!!!

Lol i love 1 and 2's comments

anoellem 1

There's a like button for that

There should be a block button also :)

They're should be a favorite comment thread button. I come across some pretty good ones lately :)

yaniggamatt 3

hes probably joking. this isnt an FML

Hello fellow smart person.