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Today, a customer told my boss I was too pushy because I asked her what bra size she wears. I work at a lingerie store. I got a stern lecture from my boss. FML
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Bra-size-guessing abilities, activate! Seriously though, how else were you supposed to help her?

that is horrible! at least you were doing your job tho. :o


that is horrible! at least you were doing your job tho. :o

Some girls arent comfortable with telling people their bra size

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but if she cant even tell him her bra size how would she be comfortable wearing it?

There was an article awhile back that claimed "X"(can't remember the percentage) amount of women are wearing the incorrect bra size. Places like Victoria's Secret had their staff walking around with measuring tapes just waiting to measure you to prove that you were one of the statistics! I had a *pushy lady wanting to measure me. When I declined she was like following me around the store saying "Are you sure? I can measure you quickly" over and over!!! I think there's more to this story. Was "What size bra do you wear?" The first thing OP said vs "May I help you find something?" and then go from there... Yes, I understand that the OP was just doing part of her job but knowing how to approach and speak to someone that might or might not be shy is also important.

I know OP didn't say it but maybe this girl was shopping with her boyfriend/husband or something? Apparently questioning a bra size in front of a boyfriend is a big deal to some women. I went shopping with a few exs and whenever the lady asked they always seemed to bristle. That or this chick was fishing for a discount as someone else previously said.

I would never trust Victoria's Secret employees to measure my cup size correctly. The last time I tried that, they told me that I was a D cup when I was very clearly NOT a D cup. When I pointed it out to the employee, she became really pushy and insisted that I try a bra on OVER my clothes, which makes absolutely no sense. Some women do walk around with incorrect bra sizes, but it's really easy to measure yourself at home and find your correct cup size. There are tons of sites and tutorials that show you how.

VS is notorious for bad fittings - band size as well as cup size. VS's website tells me that I am a 32B (32 inch weird diagonal band measurement they have, 34 inch bust while standing). Nobody who looked at me would think that, even those who still think DD cups are big (spoiler - DD just means you have a 5 inch difference between your bust and underbust). In real life, I am a 26GG (25.5inch underbust, 35.5 inch bust while leaning over), which is THREE band sizes smaller and FIVE cup sizes bigger than what they tell me I am.

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I wore a 38 DD for a while until I was finally measured by this specialty bra store. They don't just measure you they help find the right fit and help with strap adjustments before you leave with it. They also keep you in the computer and when you want to get a new bra they can tell you your size when you last came in an what brand you have. And for sizes that are a bit more uncommon they let you know when they order them. It's great since I'm a 34 G, not common in my town.

If you have an issue with answering a simple question regarding your bra size with a husband, boy friend, or any one else with you then you should not go shopping for bras with them with you. It's not ops fault

#69 I worded that badly. I was in no way implying it was ops fault I was just saying why someone might get worked up. I agree it's a dumb reason it's just something I've seen.

Yea, I always got measured at VS ever since I got my first bra, and my bras NEVER fit correctly. After that experience, I got measured and found out I'm a 32H. I honestly can't understand why they kept trying to convince me I was a D cup when I very clearly wasn't. I would never recommend that anyone ever get measured at VS.

75- that's because at places like VS or La Senza they are only going to tell you that your bra size is one they carry. Otherwise they lose business. I got measured there once and they told me I was a 32A (coincidentally the smallest size they carry...) but my bras were always a little too big. I recently found out I'm actually a 28B, which they don't sell, so of course they didn't want to tell me that I couldn't buy any of their bras.

79, they sometimes fit using sister sizes, and they were trying to convince me that the D cup was a sister size to my normal size. The girl fitting me actually went "Well I'm a D cup, and you look sort of like me!" even though it was clear that I had a much larger chest than her. I honestly didn't understand it because they also had DD and DDD, but she refused to even consider that I was bigger than a D.

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Indeed, the little shop I go to is more of a boutique, they carry a variety of sizes in store. However if you need one they don't have they will order it for you. Since my size is either hard to keep in stock or not that popular. Could be I need full underwire and an unmolded cup

I agree with this. I've read a similar (perhaps the same article), and I avoid certain stores because of pushy personnel. If I have to tell you more than once that I don't need/want help but you keep insisting you need to measure/help me (this actually happened to me) then I will leave without anything and never come back. I understand it's part of your job (I worked fashion retail myself) but approach is everything. And know when to back off.

Bra-size-guessing abilities, activate! Seriously though, how else were you supposed to help her?

just don't ask next time. just walk up and grab them.

That is seriously difficult to do with clothes on due to something known as the shallowness/projection scale. Essentially, a dinner plate may hold the same volume as a cereal bowl, but in boob form the plate will look a lot smaller than the bowl because it doesn't just out as much. Ribcage sizes are also pretty hard to guess, some people have deceptively deep ones.

If only that were as easy as they make it look in the movies - one glance at the actress and everyone knows exactly how to dress her. I hope the customer realized that everything is not, in fact, Hollywood!

The customer is always right, even when they're clearly wrong, unfortunately.

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Not even when you're that "customer" at the time? :P

The customer is always right is the stupidest ******* saying ever created. It does nothing but give customers the ability to feel like they have a right to act like total jackasses to everyone and then bitch and moan to the manager over anything they can think of. **** the customer!

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.... Especially when I'm the customer!

We had a saying at one of my previous jobs: "The customer may be king but we're the ******* emperors"

I don't think I'll ever get why people think it's okay to walk into a place and get huffy about the worker doing their job. Sucks that that happened to you.

Isn't bra-very important in some jobs? As long as you don't linger.

that was just terrible. didn't even get close to relating to the post

Lingering in the lingerie section? Really?

#34 ya but op wasn't lingering and wasn't brave, so it doesn't relate to the fml at all

Someone's fishin for a discount... I wish I could smack the stupidity out of people sometimes.

To bad no one commented between us. We could have made a Garrett sandwich haha.

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Maybe she was coming in for something other than a bra? I don't know, people suck. Sorry OP.

What do you think they sell in a LINGERIE store.

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Also makeup, nail polish, perfume, and body glitter... For some reason...

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Ours even sells a man vibe :3

I don't get why your boss told you off - the customer isn't always right. Brush it off OP.

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People can be such nitwits my god