By peachesthepigeon - 19/01/2011 18:54 - United States

Today, at work, I helped out an employee who was having trouble. I even bought her a bottle of water. After the production manager decided to fire her on the spot, she went out in the parking lot and broke into several cars, including mine. FML
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A bottle of water is not a good enough bribe to prevent a car break-in. A bottle of Jack might have done the trick!


oh wow you bought her a bottle of water, you deserved to be robbed from

If you're angry enough to break into cars as revenge, you probably don't pay attention to whos care it is. So FYL, but when she realises she will probably feel bad... if that helps...

reminds me of how I helped robert downey jnr get drugs. how does he repay me? by buying me a transsexual hooker...

thats terrible, she should get put into some serious anger management classes

Show her who's boss. Break into her house and light her bed on fire.

call the police. get stuff back (+ any repair expenses +time lost)... not the end of the world.

Come on people you should realize by now with all the other FMLs like this, karma is the type of asshole who won't return the favour. FYL.

I love all the bitchy comments on here complaining about the OP's coworker being a bitch. :)

I do believe the OP's coworker acted in an inappropriate manner that could only be described in a one way and please do forgive me, a bitch. Better? :P

No good deed goes unpunished, darling. That's why I prefer a life of crime myself. Karma screws you either way!~

So breaking into OP home, having your way with her..... Would that be so bad for the stuff that she took from you