By Anonymous - 22/04/2009 17:10 - United States

Today, I was crocheting while watching television, and thinking to myself how proud I was that I taught myself to crochet. Then, an episode of Golden Girls came on, and I watched that while I crocheted. I'm 24. FML
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I'm 24, too, and this sounds like a pretty good time to me, actually.

uh, golden girls rocks. fyi


I'm 14 and I do that.

I knit n watch golden girls. Those girls are fun to watch

Again with the we need a "so what?" button. You like crocheting and some crappy tv show about old women. Big fucking deal.

I hate u golden girls is notcrappy

no. its an fml because he/she has the life and hobbies of an 80 year old at 24.

this isnt even a fml. my friends and I have crochet and knitting parties while we watch movies. we're 19-23 years old.

i taught myself to crochet the other day! and i'm a fibers major at art school, i should've learned that years ago. i've never seen golden girls but i'm about to go watch 3rd rock from the sun for the 3rd time.

Why is this an FML? So what, you do old people things. Change.

uh, golden girls rocks. fyi


i love golden girls! :)

I'm 24, too, and this sounds like a pretty good time to me, actually.

I'm 19 and this sounds lile a good time to me. Lol.

i dont get this. its not a FML, at all. I used to crochet and watch the young and the restless with my grandma when I was 7, & it was fun. so its not a FML