By explosiveBAM - 26/05/2011 05:04 - United States

Today, I was texting at work when my manager walked in. I quickly dropped my phone in the garbage to avoid trouble. Since I was working so hard, she decided to do me a favor and throw the trash out for me. FML
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What a waste. Stop sending trashy text messages.

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Well, I BET she saw you trying to cover up and did this to spite you.


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well stop him and be all like ohmgz my phone is in there

My guess is she saw the OP drop her phone in there... if so, she's not stopping.

well you aren't getting paid to text. karma is a bitch

your supposed to say you were using it as a calculator

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minecraft ftw!!!!!!!!!!111!!1!22111!!!!! shift1!!!!

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I love minecraft too much to say I don't hate ur pick

41 - What the **** does that have to do with this FML?

If she didn't see you drop your phone, then she sounds like a really nice person to have as a manager. Want to trade?

Dropped calls? Pfft, I have dropped texts!!

Part of me thinks your boss knew your phone was in the trash!!

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i agree with 50. Yes the I was not capitizled it doesn't make a difference. Yes I spelt capitalized wrong, who cares?

The grammar nazis and trolls do. Hey don't feed the trolls!

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She looked for it in the dumpster later

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Your boss seen you texting and "kindly" threw your trash out on purpose

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Well, I BET she saw you trying to cover up and did this to spite you.

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Exactly what I was thinking.

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What did you think would happen, she would fire you for using your phone? it's not like she can know what you're doing with it. Setting it down normally or putting it in your pocket, even if she sees you, is just fine. Also, even if you panic, the garbage? YDI.

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she obviously saw you txting

I agree #11, I am sure the boss ment it as a lesson.