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By  NorfolkDude  |  2

Was this woman herself a homeless person? If so, I wouldn't stress it. I live downtown in an area where there are frequent homeless people. They usually ask me for dollars, and to follow them around. Ideally what they want you to do is gain their trust, then pull your wallet out and they'll either grab & run, or ask for more money than you want to give.

By  uncletom_fml  |  0

you must have been shuffling up the sidewalk, talking to your pocketwatch with an aluminum foil cap on. --just kidding-- actually, most of the homeless people i have met are really cool and willing to help people out. maybe you just looked like you could REALLY use a meal? i wouldn't be offended until the staff starts asking you questions about your mental stability. but, like a few others said, you should have gone. a few of the most interesting conversations i have ever had took place in homeless shelters or soup kitchens. get out, buddy...make some new (pungent) friends.