By Raela - 04/01/2013 16:59 - United States - Fort Lee

Today, I learned that toddlers cannot fully digest raisins. I learned this first-hand when my 15-month-old began pooping them whole. In the bathtub. FML
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Try them. Maybe they're good. I regret that

My thoughts exactly... eat that shit! *pun/sarcasm intended*

Lol i read that as "Chocolate Rain" Oh, Chad Vader...

Maybe the baby with raisins is like that asian civet with coffee beans. Collect them!

That's funny because I had the exact same thing happen with my brother when bathing him. Don't even think about trying them, they taste like shit.

Thank you for that #1 I'm going to go throw up some chocolate raisins I just ate.

You can't call this an FML. The child was not fully potty trained, so they think they can poop wherever. I did LOL at the image of raisins coming out one by one though.

That's pretty funny, I would have laughed.. Until I realized I was the one that had to clean it up.

Too bad they didn't come out as grapes.

That can happen. It happened to my fiancé

Your fiancé ate raisins and they came out as grapes? That's crazy awesome! He must have some sort of deaging digestive system. Maybe he should eat old people and make them babies again....

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Not to be "that guy" but if the raisin came out a grape it was because it got rehydrated not deaged.

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So If I put a raisin in water it will turn back into a grape?

But if you put one in your mouth and it comes out a grape, technically it's still shit.

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Rehydrating old people gets rid of some of the wrinkles.

Rehydrating young 'uns gets 'em all pruny though.

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So if you put old people in a bathtub, they will become babies?!? Cool!

104 - maybe that's why the elderly enjoy their bath times so much

That'll be a good story to tell them when they're older

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That's just wonderful. Hopefully they were small enough to go down the drain so you didn't have to fish them out yourself.

I thought with bathtubs you can't just put whatever you want down there since it clogs? Or I've just been bathing in a subpar tub.

That is both hilarious and gross. And I'm sure just one of the many things you'll be learning as the little one grows up.

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I really need to stop reading FML while eating at the computer.

Or exchange your stomach for a stronger one?:D

What! FML is at its finest when reading on the toilet

You silly! Don't you know FML is a diet aid?

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Agatha Raisin and the case of the dirty bath water.

A Raisin in my Son - by Lorraine Hansberry

The Curious Incident of the Raisin in the Bath-time...

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78 - Clearly by the thumbs down, not too many people here recognize the book reference you made. Well played.

It's the curious incident of the dog in the night-time. But I didn't like that book, personally, and most of the other references had some sort of rhyme or pun to it, which this didn't, which may be why it got thumbed down.