By klaatu barada nikto - 20/01/2015 13:23 - United States - Des Moines

Today, at the soup kitchen I volunteer at, a guy called the food crap and threatened to shove his bowl up my ass if I didn't give him something better. FML
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This isn't Burger King, you get it my way or you don't eat the damn thing!

Beggers can't be choosers


Someone's very grateful..

incoherentrmblr 21

If he actually did shove it in there, would it be considered diarrhea since it's already crap?...

Beggers can't be choosers

Apparently, they can.

ha ha a lot of the time they don't care its rude to choose when your begging

It's like they say, the United States has the richest poor people in the world

Someone didn't get the memo...

OP should tell him to take his bowl outside and get his own food

I'm amazed at the lack of empathy for the homeless/impoverished on here.

If he takes the bowl he might actually manage to sell it for money.

This isn't Burger King, you get it my way or you don't eat the damn thing!

Sorry OP. I hope you taught him the lesson of "how to not piss off the people that handle your food!"

"Hey! You're supposed to be homeless not mannerless!"

Maybe that's why he lost his home.

Don't let an a$& hole ruin your day. You are selfless and should be proud not discouraged.

Apparently he hasn't heard the phrase "Beggars can't be choosers".

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Spit in his soup :)

That's lowering yourself too his level, and that's gross. ew ?

Tell him you get what you pay for

Well..It's probably awful soup.

No matter how bad it is, it's still free. And it's still better than going hungry.

better some food than none. he doesnt have to be an ungrateful dick...somebody's hard earned money went into supplying ingredients and electricity to put food in his stomach.

Did you not read the last post? "it might not necessarily be a lack of gratitude that caused his reaction." And there are a lot of times where someone's money doesnt go into the food, its the expired old food that no one else, nor stores wants that do end up in donations. Working at a volunteer centre makes that very clear.

He shouldn't have been rude I agree...but if there's something wrong with the soup then that's it. It could make him sick..he can't even afford a decent bowl of soup how do you think he's going to afford a hospital???