By nofriends - 01/06/2011 04:28 - Japan

Today, I wrote in my own yearbook with different styles of handwriting so my mom would think I have friends. FML
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You actualy had no one signing your yearbook? Aw that's sad

My bet is you didn't even ask anyone to sign it. Should have asked them, get a conversation going, sign their's etc. Anyway, it's sad either way, sorry OP.


You actualy had no one signing your yearbook? Aw that's sad

i don't get these fmls there is so many of them. It's your own fault for not having friends. Op should go be more social and stop feeling sorry for themselves.

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the yearbook doesn't change anything. your parents kno ur a loser

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That is really sad there's always someone nice enough to sign it and it's not just the teachers !! Wow you must've been a total loner in high school don't feel bad hopefully you'll make friends out of high school

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I never let anyone sing my yearbook. Then again, I set it on fire for fun :D

I don't see the significance of signing a yearbook.

25- I can see why you won't let them SING your yearbook.

Just because you haven't gotten it signed doesn't mean you have no friends, and besides, why should your mom care about friends? My mom didn't.

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nobody signed it? in my school people would go to other people they didn't even know and sign their year book. and you have to have atleast 1 friend it's not possible to not have any! especially if you're in high school..or you could go to a small school then it would be acceptable

Sorry if people now a days refuse to be your friend just because you don't have the best everything.

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34- Dude get over yourself. So a person switches TWO LETTERS around, it's not a big deal.

it's alright OP, I did the same thing for my middle school yearbook. :D You're just in your awkward phase, the friends will come eventually. My senior year yearbook for HS was filled with glorious memories from all real friends :P

#15 mizz erika hearts ? You're a shit bag that's the meanest thing to say you biotch

Lol @ #15. I bet that ***** only had people sign hers out of pity and she still doesn't even realise it.

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Forever Alone.jpg needs to be taped into OP's yearbook.

I didnt even have a yearbook because I was absent the only week that we had to pay them.. >.

I was literally awwwing at this FML. *sniff*

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Cmon getting a someone to sign your YB is easy.I mean I got my Bus Driver to sign mine.

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and don't worry op I'll sign your FML. have a nice summer

My bet is you didn't even ask anyone to sign it. Should have asked them, get a conversation going, sign their's etc. Anyway, it's sad either way, sorry OP.

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I'm with you on this one. There's been times where people that I haven't really talked with have come up to me and asked me to sign theirs. I never think anything of it and I've done the same. It's not like if you ask someone they'll refuse...unless he/she is a douche.

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I hate when someone I hate wants to sign mine

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it's not that hard to say "here's 2 bucks, please sign my yearbook"

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who would pay for that? OP just needs to stop being so antisocial

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Looks like you're talking from experience.

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OP lives in Japan so yen would be more appropriate.

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131- #5 is actually a male so instead if searching for a bitch fight like a lot of other lil girls on this site y don't u know what ur gonna get into first..

You can call a guy a bitch..... Trust me I have done it myself. It seems to make them more upset when you say that

Tell her you used the book to save a man who was on fire and that in the process the book caught fire.

Yeh, I'd be long distant friend >.< Unless you have no friends because you're horrible rather than have no friends because you're shy.

You should have got you're teachers to sign. Teachers are cool

Stay in school - Mrs. Daniels Say no to drugs! - Mr. Smitty 2 good + 2 be = 4gotten - Ms. Jenkins Nobody will suspect a thing....

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That's great! Especially, if Ms. Jenkins is the math teacher.(:

yeah, but it's still pretty sad to have your yearbook signed by teachers ONLY. That really sucks for you, Op :(

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This year I only let my teachers and a very close friend sign my yearbook.

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not when ur teacher is a bitch

ouch. time to make some friends...or just ask to sign someone else's, then they'll feel compelled to sign yours. probably.

Aw that makes me really sad :(. I wouldve signed it!