By Anonymous - 20/11/2014 16:20 - Canada - Sherbrooke

Today, at work, I put on a smile and went to take an elderly gentleman's order. He looked at me, asked if I'd stick a finger in his sweet tea to make it sweeter, then complained that it was a shame I wasn't "on the menu". FML
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"Oh I'm on the menu, sir. You just can't afford me."


Murilirum 23

It might be his way of making conversation, elderly get lonely and their people skills deteriorate. Nonetheless still awkward.

You have to treat some elderly people as small children because they say the darndest things. Albeit creepy, all were compliments!

"Oh I'm on the menu, sir. You just can't afford me."

Did she ask him where else he might like that finger

Old man: "then lower your rates you filthy prostitute."

"We will see about that. Name your price."

tony1891 22

38 there are some things money just can't buy.

#47 For everything else, there's MasterCard.

19990231 29

Looks like he wants to taste you.

TheNiceOne 20

I don't think you understand what he/she meant.

rekkas 16

Is it bad if that sounds like something my grandpa would say?

Murilirum 23

I was thinking the same thing exactly.

An old man used this on my aunt when she was a waitress.

There are 3 types of elderly. The nice gentle kind. The grumpy and ones that complain about everything. And the last the weird ones that I can't even describe shown here.

Nothing better than creepy old men hitting on you. Tough luck OP

LiveLifeAllDay 11

I would of said , "let me check if I'm in the menu "then never came back .

"No sir, I'm not on the menu, but we do serve water for free. You can drink as many glasses as you need to quench that big thirst you have."