By CDeVeney92 - 17/03/2012 04:37 - United States

Today, I got threatened with a gun through the drive thru speaker because I didn't offer some guy any pies to go with his meal. FML
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*looks at the location* That explains everything.

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K_kanaka 26
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Key words are "threatened with a gun through the drive thru speaker" all because he wasn't offered a pie with his meal. I'm sensing some serious anger issues.

GovernorGeneral 8

Im sensing a man who didnt get his pie :/

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Pshh epic meal time has already done that...

What the hell is wrong with you OP? Keeping a man from his pie like that. It's a damn shame.

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Well OP, I hope you learned your lesson.

This is exactly why Americans should not be trusted with firearms.

This is why Americans shouldn't be trusted with guns.

K_kanaka 26

My opinion is that no one should have a gun. Especially people with crazed obsession for pies.

If they were trusted more though, OP would be loaded as well, with a shotgun within arms reach

2- We saved your "Jolly-good-day" asses in World War 1 and 2. Can't speak for those brave Americans who were there, but I'm pretty sure they weren't using water balloons and nerfs when we bailed you out.

#2 oh yea cuz America is in complete anarchy.

You can't take away guns. Just the ability to own them legally. People who misuse them don't give a damn about legality. So don't be a retard. And amen to #20. I was gonna say something similar.

Does it really matter if we have guns or not? Maybe it should just be better controlled, but people are going to find a way to kill each other anyway. You British people stab each other to death all the time. Maybe they should ban knives in the UK, too.

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It's people like #2 that makes British people look like asses.

#37 finally SOMEONE sees how dumb all these gun laws are getting. That is a little respite from my headache from so many stupid people.

20- The Americans did their best to stay out of the First World War; they only joined in the last year as the Germans began their "Peace Offensive". And it's true, you did save us in WWII, after ruining the Allies' economies by selling them overpriced supplies. And you only joined in after Pearl Harbour, in fact Hitler had to declare war on you! And thank you so much for nuking a country that was about to surrender anyway. Don't get me wrong, everyone appreciates the help, just could've been a few years earlier. -A Canadian's Perspective

64- Well, where else were the allies going to get those supplies? And I'm sure most people can agree that the US manufacturing war supplies for the allies and itself was highly influential to getting out of its great depression. Yes it's great to help our friends out, but when it comes down to it you do not stop your own ship from sinking by bailing out the ocean. Also, why didn't Japan simply start lighting up the sky with white flags and begging for mercy after the first nuking? Remember it took two nukes to get Japan to surrender. We had to do whatever it takes to get our men home. Remember it's not like Japan was coming across the pacific to play monopoly. They were shooting for world domination and attacked the shit out of Hawaii. We ain't going to pat ******* like that on the the back and say "we's be good".

Any stationed militia has the right to have arms dumbass. Aka the police. I'm Canadian and even I know that.

Stfu, you ass. Get off your all mighty horse and go **** yourself.

Why did you not offer him pies? But anyway this is why there is so much gun crime in america. guns are given to idiots

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Idiots give idiots guns, vicious circle it is.

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And soldiers who fight for America an risk their lives everyday

And that was in no way an attack at America, just putting it out there.

*looks at the location* That explains everything.

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I used to live in Texas, in Arlington. And, it was ******* ridiculous. That wouldn't have happened to OP in anoter state, Texans just seem to be more hostile than other people I've met.

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^Never seen that. But arlington does suck. Even so, most Texans I've met are incredibly friendly. And the gun thing is extremely exaggerated.

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A lot of Texans are hostile, but it depends on what part.

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Hey! Don't judge, hardly any of us here have a Texan accent and wear friggen' cowboy hats! Well.. at least in Fort Worth.

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Don't mess with TEXAS we are packen heat

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People in Texas take thiers pies seriously

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Hell, yeah! Pies of all varieties are serious business in Texas, yet pecan is sacred! Go to House of Pies in Houston -- their logo is a house with the Greek letter for 3.14159... in it.

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I live in Texas and pie is not that great.

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Not really. It's all about the barbecue and the pizza. C:

And for even more artery clogging goodness: try the fried pies! My favorite is banana. :)

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You: 6.35 please pull to the first window. Him: what? I don't get pie? Imma blow a cap in your ass!

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Actually its BUST a cap in yo ass

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Silly, we're supposed to offer pies or corporate gets pissed! Lol fyl

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Ohhh yessss apple pie from macdonalds = a taste of heaven.

Lol my grandpa used to always say "let's stop at Mickey d's and get some apple pies", he would always get a big Mac instead. He is no longer with us :(.....he's in Cali now :DDDD

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Thought you meant he died there for a sec...

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Pie from McDonald's shouldn't even be called pie. First off, it's loaded with death. Second, eww.

A lot of Americans wouldn't know a homemade pie if it hit them in their fat faces.

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^ way to stereotype. Im not even american, but that was way rude.

^Nope it's true. I'm American. And I didn't find it offensive nor to be stereotyping us. C:

I don't know what McDonalds apple pie is like in America, but I think the Australian ones are terrible! They put artichokes in them, wtf McDonalds?!

they don't put artichokes in them in aus, they put chokos in them..they're different