By Anonymous - United States
Today, I was going to volunteer at a soup kitchen. I saw a man working, so I went up to him to ask where I should sign in. Before I even opened my mouth, he told me that they opened at 12 and to come back then for my meal. FML
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  bovice  |  0

just because you go to a soup kitchen doesnt mean your a fucking hobo.
successful people are getting laid off every day and sometimes they just cant pay the bills because of the lack of income.

  zendaddy0  |  0

you don't even know what some hobos look like at my old neighborhood there was a hobo who came to the stop sign in a completely clean tuxedo every day I have no idea how

  528Alice491  |  3

....And?? Why is this an fml? The real fyl is that you're stupid and you think a miscommunication belongs here. Tell him you're there to volunteer. Problem solved, moron.

By  plexico  |  3

He probably thought you were so ugly that you'd scare all the hobos away!

You make desperate people prefer slow death by starvation over having to look at you.