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Today, I was playing Charades. My boyfriend, who I'd recently had a fight with, had trouble and just said his answer was the name of my celebrity twin. Nobody got it. He said "Really? It's Fat Bastard." Stunned silence followed, broken by a single "HAH." from my 'best friend'. FML
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Hmmmm... Sounds like he just likes to be nasty. I wouldn't talk to him much anymore.

How rude. I would dump him at that point. No matter how bad the fight, he shouldn't be saying shit like that


Hmmmm... Sounds like he just likes to be nasty. I wouldn't talk to him much anymore.

In life, we have a choice in how we perceive things. What you guys don't realize is that fat bastard has very beautiful eyes so personally, I'd be flattered.

It's called a J-O-K-E Sounds like you need to grow thicker skin

She said they had fought so who knows she could have been nasty to him and really be the petty one here - complaining about him online where he can't respond or defend himself. Just because she's a girl it doesn't mean she can do no wrong and not get anything back from her actions.

Time to give him a warning and have a talk with your "best friend" too

If you have to have a "talk" with your best friend for something like that, then they are not your best friend.

Nah, the best friend was just trying to break the ice and awkward silence. Can't blame her in my opinion. The boyfriend however... Any mature person in a relationship knows you don't air your dirty laundry.

#18 there were other ways to break the silence than laughing at a fat joke about your best friend. Seems OP needs to re-evaluate her friend and boyfriend choice. I know i wouldn't do that to a friend especially not my best friend. I'd have his/her back

37, but she didn't actually really laugh, one single "hah" more implies that she was being sarcastic or felt awkward by the silence or was trying to make light of a very awkward situation, in my opinion.

#47 very true, I hope it was just to break the silence. If not that would be a dick move on the friend's part as well as the boyfriend's

How rude. I would dump him at that point. No matter how bad the fight, he shouldn't be saying shit like that

I wouldn't necessarily break up with my boyfriend if he did this, however I would get very upset and explain why, along with trying to resolve the fight- by upset I mesn either angry or sad. I'm not saying it's wrong to break up with someone in this situation, i just think (personally) that love... it's not something to just throw away.

If he'd be so mean to his girlfriend in front of a bunch of other people, I'd hesitate to say he loves her.

Disrespecting your girl in front of people is wrong on many levels and should be a huge red flag. If you have issues deal with it in private and leave it there. Just my two cents. Nobody wants to be in that awkward situation in the middle.

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Oh shut up, you people are ignorant. He was mad for whatever argument they had, and from the sounds of it she was at fault. You guys have obviously never been in a serious relationship or any kinda of human reaction where people say rude things when they're mad. You don't dump him after you talk to him. You guys are childish. Rant over

#57 I don't know what sort of relationship you're in, but I've been with my bf 3 years and we have never resorted to petty name-calling out of anger. My parents have been together 31 years and I've never heard them name-calling either (even less so in front of a group of friends) no matter how bad they fought and no matter who's "fault" the argument was. I agree with you that op shouldn't automatically dump him (he might love her and is just a bit immature), but people aren't wrong to say that she should have a serious talk with him making clear his behavior was unacceptable, and if he continues it is a valid reason to dump him.

# 65 Come on... You have been "hurt and wronged to levels of pain I wouldn't have imagined existed", and you have been together for 3 years with someone who doesn't even understand how you feel? Yet "name calling" is totally unacceptable in your relationship! I'm glad my girlfriend of 8 years does know how I feel, and hasn't hurt me to unimaginable levels of pain, yet she has called me a few names on occasion, during arguments. It seems to me like you a) don't understand how relationships work b) shouldn't be in one yourself. #57 is right, it was even done during a game, a social gathering where one might be tempted to make a joke. And you know.... She might be overweight.

#69 Name calling in a joking way with your boyfriend/girlfriend is okay if you have that relationship. But calling your boyfriend/girlfriend names to be rude is ****** up, even if you are really mad. And also, if she was overweight that is even more reason why he shouldn't say something so cruel. Just because someone might be overweight doesn't justify the insult. Just makes you worse for throwing it in their face.

Make sure he buys you flowers before you make up. That warrants flowers at the very least.

#4 **** flowers, he better give OP a pass to slap him at least 3 times. Takes more than flowers to make up for something so rude.

Not that this website is great for dating advice, but why are you still with him if he's that nasty to you?

I can't tell who's the bigger asshole, your boyfriend or your "best friend". I'm sorry your friends are such dicks, OP

It sounds like the friend just wanted to break the silence but maybe OP can comment on this and elaborate. Im not gonna give relationship advice but he sucks at the game. Got your back OP!

I agree, I don't blame the friend at all. She wasn't really laughing (no one laughs with only one hah), she just made noise to try and break the awkward silence that followed. Can't blame her for that in my opinion.

I'd like to hear what the fight was about and what you might have sad to him. Everyone is jumping to your defense, saying to dump him, when we don't know the other side of the story.

True op might've been a huge jerk and in the wrong for the fight, but there's no reason for the boyfriend to air their dirty laundry in front of their friends and to ruin a good night with friends. It makes it super awkward and is unfair to them.

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Thank you, finally legitimate adult anser