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Today, I asked my husband to watch our daughter while I ran a few errands. While he treated himself to a long nap, she decided our fish needed a bubble bath, and squeezed out an entire bottle of dish soap. I came home to bubbles all over the floor, five dead fish, and one sleeping husband. FML
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Since the fish are already cleaned, may as well have your husband make dinner. Fish, anyone?

Sounds like your husband will be sleeping with the fish.


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18- Given the fact that nothing was further mentioned about the daughter, we can only assume that she is perfectly fine and in good health.

Who could have possibly mixed up soaps when cleaning fish? This is complete nonsense, you have to use dishwasher fluid and hot water combo. My god children these days, not knowing how to clean fish. Psh.

I agree with 1#. The Dad does sound stupid. I hate when people start stories with 'I asked my husband/boyfriend to watch our child...' Um, he's not the babysitter. Does he ask you to watch your kids when he goes out? Or is it just assumed that as an adult and a parent it is part of your responsibility to care for your own kid? I'm not saying the father did anything horribly wrong, but it should not be put down to 'goofy dad makes quirky mistake'. He sounds like he doesn't have much experience watching his own kid which is a huge problem.

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76- I think it's a bit harsh to say he's stupid or even irresponsible. It's not like he left the kid at home alone to go buy drugs; he just fell asleep. When I was a kid, my dad fell asleep all the time. I got into some mischief, but I wouldn't say he was a bad dad. Just sleepy.

76- I read you comment twice and still doesn't make sense. Chill out, you are so mad that you have no clue what you are saying.

I agree with you there 81. My parents were divorced and my dad was working 2 jobs to stay on his feet, but we'd spend weekends with him. He often fell asleep in the middle of the day and my brother and I got into everything. A couple examples being my brother electrocuting himself and my mom walking in one day as I was tearing up my mattress with kitchen knives. Best parenting? Definitely not. Irresponsible, kinda.. but he was working his ass off so he could afford to see his kids. Taking a nap doesn't make you a bad parent, and it definitely does not make you stupid. My brother and I are still alive and well... even with the tiny scars on our lips from when we tried to shave while my dad was asleep.

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Says the one who said "Nuff said", and, obviously, doesn't have a space bar on their keyboard.

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"Or is it just assumed that as an adult and a parent, it is part of your responsibility to care for your own kid?" Uuummm... YEAH! It IS your responsibility, as a parent, to care for your own kid. Dimwit! I'm not saying, by any means at all, that the dad is stupid for taking a nap. Parents take naps. It's a given. It WILL happen. They don't happen when you want them to, most of the time... But they'll happen. Dad was probably tired from working or something. It's not the end of the world. At least, the kid didn't do too much damage. The point of my comment was to point out the most stupid thing I've ever seen on the Internet. Which is, it is, in fact, YOUR responsibility, as a parent, to care for YOUR kid. OP, take it easy on the Hubby. He didn't intentionally fall asleep. Accidents happen. He, probably, learned a lesson from this one and will be more cautious of when he takes his naps. Good luck, OP! :)

If the point of your comment referred to 76 saying "Or is it just assumed that as an adult and a parent it is part of your responsibility to care for your own kid?" he/she was saying it IS the dads responsibility.. Don't get your panties in a twist. Though I disagree with calling the dad stupid..

Yes, he's not the babysitter. HE'S THEIR F*CKING FATHER!

Since the fish are already cleaned, may as well have your husband make dinner. Fish, anyone?

Sweet dreams... Wait He sleeps with the fishes...

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Doctor, I'm surprised you dispensed such advice. Wouldn't the family go blind from "thoap poithoning?"* *A Christmas Story

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Five dead fish, four poisoned people, three big messes, two soapy hands, and a husband who is asleep, haha

OP look at the bright side, at least you didn't come home to a dead daughter.

Nooooooo. Leave them alone you beasts! You savages! You killed them... you killed them all.

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Fish fillet anyone? No? Oh well more for me.

I would have left so when the husband gets up he can clean it up

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Lol 68 got thumbed down and 74 got thumbed up for basically the same idea.

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107- Obviously, you didn't get the reference.

107 - actually #8 is technically correct. The plural for fish can be both fish and fishes. Either word works for the phrase they used and I agree with didn't seem to get the reference

It's only when someone would say "fishies" that there will be a great cry in all of FML - such as never has been and never will be again.. Everyone shall perish 0.o

Sounds like your husband will be sleeping with the fish.

Lol Godfather movie reference!! :) I just watched it a week ago!

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31 - No, really? I was beginning to think it was a Spongebob reference. /sarcasm

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the fish are all dead..the floor might take forever to get rid of depending on carpeting or not..and the husband was the sleeping idiot throughout the whole thing.

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This is one event where looking on the bright side isn't going to make anyone happy.

Make your husband clean up the mess then while you take nap :)

Wow thats pretty irresponsible, but kids WILL be kids I guess. But enjoy your daughter while she's young:) all the goofy thigs she does

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it sounds like she is more mad at the husband for being irresponsible, than at the daughter for being a kid. i would be pissed at him not at the kid.

I bet she got the idea from an episode of Full House, where Michelle decides to give her fish a bubble bath. "shhh the fish is sleeeeeeping!"

That's incredibly irresponsible of him. What if she had gotten hurt or worse? A young child must always be watched during the daytime.

Fathers know that, but they are just not as good as mothers when it comes to watching kids.

Eh.. kids get hurt even with parents keeping a keen eye. I cite an example from my younger brothers youth as he sat on a countertop at 4 years old surrounded by my mother, my older brother (12) and me (11). He somehow managed to dive head first off the counter and hit the floor. We still have no idea what he was desperately trying to escape from.

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. . . and a partridge in a pear tree!

perdix 29

Did I need to write: Five dead fish, One sleeping husband . . . ?

Tell your husband he can clean it all up since he wasn't doing his job.

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in her defense, maybe they were dirty. she was just trying to help, mom

So you're a girl! Mystery solved! Any idea what happened between you and your roommate?

Good eye 50. What did happen with the flatmate?

If you look at her profile and compare it to the one of the FML, you'll notice this profile has no location while the FML had a location (Illinois). Also this profile says she has 0/1 FML's posted so it can't be the same person.

Aaaaaaaaw. How disappointing. Damn you, you big fat tease!