By Brinty - 24/10/2009 04:26 - Australia

Today, I found my brand new tropical fish dead in its tank because my boyfriend got drunk last night and decided to pour red wine into the aquarium. FML
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perdix 29

That's funny because I piss on my crabs all the time and they are still living happily in my crotch.


I assume that this fish was expensive, because you can't be so stupid as to expect sympathy for something so trivial.

It was. It was an Angel fish worth over $200. I wrote that in the FML, but they must have edited it out for some reason :/

Prawn_fml 2

Damn. Cruel guy. No matter whether they were expensive, those were lives lost there. Who knows, if you get kids with him he might stuff red wine into the baby bottles, too. Which, mind, isn't nearly as cruel.

6- 0_o I have never seen a poster comment in their FML before. That's awesome

My friend pissed into his brother's aquarium tank. The lobster he had died.

perdix 29

That's funny because I piss on my crabs all the time and they are still living happily in my crotch.

KingDingALing 9

Hahahahaha, this guy is funny. ^^^

So I'm guessing tropical fish are expensive or else I'm not seeing the FML in this at all. My fish died, boo hoo!

Shadow_Phantom 26

Dude, their pet died. That's enough for a FML.

Their $200 fish... Costs a lot more then your average goldfish.

I shall pour some liquor for your fallen pet. Oh, wait...

ezycaa 0

RIP poor fishie :( your bf is probably trying to tell you to stop buying expensive fish!

why are you dating someone who gets drunk and does stupid things like that in the first place? poor fish. but seriously... people who get drunk seriously piss me off, and so do people who put up with it!

first, you all sound like losers who don't know how to have a good time. i'm not saying you need alcohol to have fun, but people who look down on those who drink probably don't have many friends. second, this doesn't really have anything to do with alcohol. it's entirely possible to control your actions when you're drunk. it's still his fault.

Malfunkshun 1

At least it was brand new, so you hadn't grown too attached to it yet...