By Anonymous - 16/08/2010 23:05 - United States

Today, I came home to a dead fish duct-taped to the wall of my dorm room. I can't reach it. FML
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Raleigh_bruh 7

Why would someone...

FFML_314 11

Someone is trying to send you a message. Take a shower OP. :]


Ladder would be nice

deliciouscake 3

ladder would be nice. I'm a fucking fruitcake. 7th? future deleted comment. please comment bellow this. I love living in an asshole


Or a chair, maybe. Depending on how short OP really is... Though I don't understand what would compel someone to do such a stupid thing...

8- THIS!!!!!!!! Ok, I commented and bellowed this What next???

deliciouscake 3

first test complete. now fuck your spouse and then post pics.


it symbolizes what they're going to do to you O_O run.

butt scratchaahh!!

FunnyWeasel 7

hahaha, now that's a midget. just get a ladder, isn't that what they made for?

lmfao , get some help ? op

^^^ lol you are basically repeating what I said the height of threadjacking is rising! (pun intended) :D

ShorTiE4LyFe 0

I'm short (hence the username), and I have encountered not having anything to stand on when something too high for me to reach. FYL, OP. I feel for ya.

ShorTiE4LyFe 0

28- xD They're heeeeerrrrrrreeeee!

my. new. hobby. end of story.

lol thats great ;D

YDI for coming home to a dead fish duct-taped to the wall of your dorm room. You can't reach it.

bridgette5866 0


fuck you! it wasnt bp's fault. it coulda happened to any oil company!

@organizedchaos I didn't realize height had anything to do with intelligence

LightningLadyy 0

Stand on a damn chair, OP!

for always doing this skroal, u sir win the internet

a guy I know had everything in his dorm wrapped in tin foil including the pages of the books and the pencils inside his desk. and on another occasion he had everything thumb tacked to the ceiling.

#12 you look like a potter... sorta, kinda, maybe

Raleigh_bruh 7

Why would someone...

lurchin_10 0

maybe whoever taped the fish to the wall was getting back at op for something they did before

What else can Mr. Holmes tell us?

Raleigh_bruh 7

But to duct-tape a fish? Lol, what kind of person does things like that...


A drunk college student... maybe?? I don't know... it baffles me. lol

lurchin_10 0

I know a couple people that would, there were two guys went around the parking lot at my school last year and stuck sardines on people antenneas and various other places on cars

ohthebloodygore 16

Psychotic people.

Raleigh_bruh 7

If only this was actually recorded and put on YouTube.. Do you know how many hits 'Asshole + duct-tape = sad fish' would get from just me alone? :P

ShorTiE4LyFe 0

43- I can only guess...

storyoftheyear, maybe this was the lady from the earlier fml getting back at her son for having sex on her furniture... well played mom, well played

Raleigh_bruh 7

#54 - Well guess then.

ShorTiE4LyFe 0

Haha okay I'll put the most random number ever. :) 629277219301761294921729499283736283959371627394926116284972728958391863718184737372829192938277473727192726373940482726251527384850595882828261626384949493918173637484940505827273719192737.5. Sorry you didn't finish watching it once because you had to get nachos. :)

Very very VERY bored people. Just imagine the conversation that spawns the idea: "Dude. I'm bored. What should we do?" "Uh... Let's duck-tape a fish to a wall! I mean, why the hell not, right?!"

Raleigh_bruh 7

Aha, I see. So the ".5" represents my craving for nachos, which resulted in me stopping the video? :o The number you guessed is waaaay off though, sorry. :P

ShorTiE4LyFe 0

Poor Goldie. May you rest in peace.

#62 oh I see so it's 286394927639496394825394739379373926395026295926295926202739192640502715294926204027273940382740429208829293740472082037303730629483839263049617404026394037304730474027304027304630373027306209263037297302630402639472026394026293639363929629273949262049275482739482639493826395037253849479382036305927407407492720482047203730483083973983947402720482034920630306292730501619493620176292619373915394016491539539491036292639730472073037396294740402729405730629230482061037302630481037937294023783027303720373.5? no the .5 is not you getting nachos it's the fact that someone watching the video only had half a body :)

I'm not even going to comment...

ShorTiE4LyFe 0

But The person with half a body was also craving nachos. so .25. ;)

ShorTiE4LyFe 0

65- fail! that was a comment. ;) So your officially in the convo! Congrats!

when he eats the nachos they just fall :D

ShorTiE4LyFe 0

WTF_FML_FTW I think we would get along just swimmingly if we really met. :P

ShorTiE4LyFe 0

I like my pic. I'm so blue and red It's easy to find my comments. ;)

you didn't like my scenario 65?

You always notice your own comments easier :| after all you see it more than other people

ShorTiE4LyFe 0

Lol I meant my iPod usually scrolls really fast and with my old pic I used to pass where I was going to comment. so I changed my pic to a brighter one and now it's easier to find. :)

in my pic I'm LSD face when I look at your pic lol

ShorTiE4LyFe 0

Lmao acid trip time. xD

pretty flowers...whoa wait god I'm sorry LSD kicking in again

ShorTiE4LyFe 0

It's 3:30 and I gotta get some sleep. no more comments from this mammajamma. ;) See you on other posts. :P

really? it's 4:30 here

ShorTiE4LyFe 0

Oklahoma time. Stupid Central time zone.. xD

Ludii_fml 0

good for you

woah wait. who are you Ludii and where did you come from??

look. it doesn't work that way. you can't not be in the situation and then come out of nowhere and say "good for you". how about you go and get some other people to talk to.

cause it's hilarious! would've been funner if it was put somewhere out of site though. Like in the toilet tank, or under the dresser, but who knows, maybe theirs one there to. my favorite in under the car Hood!

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lilblondefreak 6

wait what's YDI I forget . . . .

FFML_314 11

Someone is trying to send you a message. Take a shower OP. :]

ha! I was thinking the exact same thing

Lose some weight, fat bch

that's got to suck

Rambo881xx 0

eat it :D

awwww. I care more about the fish. OP, YDI some how.......

Oh goodness... I can already imagine the smell. Props to whoever did it for originality!~

Anaxes 5

You utter scum. You neither used the word "Darling" nor did you go "Fuohoho".

I was beginning to think I was pissing people off with it to be honest.

I don't know who you are anymore.

Schizomaniac 24

It doesn't matter if you piss people off or not, it was your trademark. The only exception is skroal, he's just trying too hard.

You're all starting to confuse me more than Einey did with his science-babble! Sometimes you seem to like my presence, other times you give off angry vibes!

Anaxes 5

No. I'm disowning you. Too late to make excuses.

Fuhohohoho!~ Well, I can't very well say that's the first time it's happened!

Anaxes 5

The prodigal son has returned! Huzah!

Fuhohohoho!~ I see it doesn't take much to impress you, darling! Like a Lotad near water!~

Anaxes 5

Stop saying "Fuohoho", you gutter trash.

ShorTiE4LyFe 0

Fuohoho? lmao that's fun to say. xD

oh forgot to add the squiggly ~ there we are :D

Oh, I'm so confused again! No fun! Oh-no no no fun! Not one bit, darling.

ShorTiE4LyFe 0

~Fuohoho! Sorry it's an awesome word. :)

ShorTiE4LyFe 0

Oops I put the squiggle in the wrong spot. x(

laugh? I swear I have never, in my life, seen a word in the dictionary that was or was close to Fuhohohoho with a little squiggly right next to it to give that little sparkle at the end of that right there. but I'll keep looking :D

ShorTiE4LyFe 0

78- You put an extra "ho". xD

did I mirorbo? I don't think I did...let's check one of his latest comments

yeah right there 47 it says 4 ho's (lol I said hoes)

ShorTiE4LyFe 0

Lol you like all those hoes don't you? ;) I was wronnnggggg! :O I was reading the one where the person mentioned there not being "Fuohoho" or "Darling" in the sentence. xD I'm sorry!

as a matter of fact those ho's are pretty nice just sittin there next to this Fu person

ShorTiE4LyFe 0

They're sitting next to Kung FU panda. xD

pandas cannot learn Kung Fu I have tried before! they just stare at me with this weird WTF are you doing kind of look. they lied to me!

ShorTiE4LyFe 0

Nooooooooooooooooo!!! They cannot lie! :O I will not accept it!

use the word darling again

InuYasha17 0

LOL! That is sooooo random.

Now why would someone do that? Good creativity whoever did it though...