Blending Nemo

By hhaghigh - 14/03/2020 00:08 - United States

Today, I was draining the water from my fishbowl out into the kitchen sink. The fish was still in it and decided to go with the flow, literally, right into the garburator. I was too scared to stick my hand down there to save it; instead I panicked and turned the garburator on. FML
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Sounds like someone subconsciously hates keeping fish.

Jesus Christ please don’t have children

I never understood how people could equate these moments to having children

I think the message here is "please don't breed for the sake of the gene pool".

Wadlaen 23

Or, "please don't have children in case you throw them into the garburator too"...😕

ViviMage 38

Always put the fish in another container like a clean drinking glass first. At least it didn't suffer as long as you will.

who drains a fishbowl with the fish still inside???

Who allowed you to keep animals ? Poor fish, especially if it was living in a fishbow. ydi