By Anonymous - 04/11/2014 18:30 - United States - San Francisco

Today, army recruiters came to my school and set up some punching bags to attract potential recruits. I gave it a shot, managing to set the highest score at my school and fracture my wrist at the same time. FML
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Guess you could say that you broke the record

I can't help it, but the fact that the word "punching" is written twice in a row really bothers me every time try to read this FML lol

#20 Are you feeling OK? The word punching is only used once.

maybe she took to many punches to the head?

Your broke the record. And also your wrist, but mostly the record

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Well you did break the record, look at the bright side!

Wait until he hits it with a cast. Hell break the record again!

Yeah, man. "Pain is only temporary, Victory is forever". Your wrist will heal, but you'll still hold the record.

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At least you showed the kids at school that they can't treat you like a punching bag

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You'll be exactly the kind of guy they're looking for, unless you're disqualified for having pins in your wrist.

That's kind of an insult to the military that their target would be people that hurt themselves to make a record... Military spouse here- I'm probably sounding overly critical ha. Just throwing the thought our there though!

Uh hello did you forget, this is FML. It's obvious this kid didn't purposely hurt himself just to break a record. You should invest in some tutoring on how to comprehend what you read, it goes a long way & can prevent you from seeming so ignorant. Your stupidity is more of an insult to your husband & the military, than this boy and his accident so grow up and try to be a real woman.

Never said if it's a man or a woman #75, way to assume.

that possibly means that you didn't clench your fist tight enough when you punched the bag. Clenching your fist as tight as you can helps protect the wrist when you punch something (although not always).

Not really, but I see what your trying to say. people should learn how to throw palms instead of punching, the heel of your hand is just as hard and its way easier on your wrists and hands, plus you can grab on or something during the hit.

That is true but you can also break your scaphoid that way, that's exactly how I did mine lol