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Today, I was working in a warehouse where fellow employees were kicking empty boxes around. Seeing a box, I got running distance and kicked it as hard as I could, only to look up in horror to see that I had kicked into our CEO's face. I still had both my arms up in score mode. FML
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  Tchernov9  |  0

Dude how is it an FYL? It's her fault for doing something she saw her friends doing. If they all got a stick and beat everybody up would you do it? No, so why do the same here? OP is truly an idiot YDI

  O_ol0l  |  0

Dude, Theres a difference from beating someone and joining in with your friends. If you were one of my friends you sound like you'd be the fucking wet wipe that sits out.

  bananamanama  |  0

Calm down, I thought it was a guy too because stereotypically a guy would seem more likely to be goofing off and kicking boxes around at their job. It actually being a woman kind of makes it funnier :P well done, OP hahaha.

  ananamoose  |  0

I think they just thought it was a guy because girls can't kick things that far. so that means her boss must have been pretty close like five feet away when she kicked it... If it was a guy it would make sense because he could have kicked it far and it him far away just doesn't work as good with a girl