By tyler_powellROTC - 15/12/2016 03:43 - United States - Irving

Today, while practicing for a competition, someone decided to spin a rifle with a bayonet. I'm currently sitting in the ER with stitches in my foot. FML
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It must of been truly grueling. FYL op.

Get your compensation. That's pretty serious. What a horrible injury.


when i read this i thought. "this definitely happened in the states" and so it did. sorry for the injury however

Irrelevant #1, the where is not important.

while the where is irrelevant, The where is also easy to determine due to the lack of people swinging around rifles in a decent bit of the world. only in America i think the saying goes. i bet the emergency room visit was expensive too. no worries about gun swinging, bayonet slashing, or hospitals gouging citizens for cash up North.

It's a military thing and I know the British and German militaries do it as well.

Get your compensation. That's pretty serious. What a horrible injury.

SargeRho 6

...That could have ended in some serious Human Schnitzelage. Bayonets are serious business.

Somebody should really make the point to that person that a gun is not a toy. A gun with a sharp pointy stick on it is even less of a toy. If you want to spin/twirl/riverdance with a toy, go for it. But leave the real weapons (regardless of if it was loaded or not) home.

I'm pretty sure it was part of the competition. They weren't spinning it for fun or pretending it was a toy. It was likely just a dummy rifle. You should watch an ROTC armed drill team competition on YouTube so as to understand better.

They are dummy weapons, but however, the bayonets are very real and extremely sharp for no reason at all. They got in serious trouble despite me forgiving them, and we still competed.

I do love to watch displays of that nature, it's quite astounding how capable some groups are.

It's an ROTC competetion. That's pretty common

@10, your probably right. When i saw competition, i assumed it was a shooting competition. It didn't occur to me that it might be something else. But my point still stands, a weapon is dangerous, be it knife or gun, and safety should excercised at all times.

Sooo safe to say you're still competing?

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Well it is Texas so I can understand. I hope you get better OP.

this doesn't compute parade grade practice weapons would not have sharp bayonets I'm guessing this is a drill team or parade drill

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US-Weaponlobby: Had OP had a gun, he could have defended himself...